Star Trek: Red Alert

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Published by mdcobbin 14 years ago , last updated 1 year ago
A kool new freeware game has been released called star trek red alert you choose from 7 different races Cardassian, Borg, Federation, Dominion, Romulan, Klingon and Species 8472, 30 ships altogether , also choose from 10 differnt scenarioes which include free 4 all, Battle of Nebula 4736, Borg Attack, Borg Invasion, Dominion Attacks!, Drydock Battle, Federation Attacks!, Romulan Attacks!, Second Battle of Nebula 4736, Small Ships Challenge. You can download this from fileplanet HERE Controls are as follows: Alt + F4 - Exit Tab - Switch between Ships in Database / Ships in Battle / Scenarios in Database ª - Scroll Up « - Scroll Down Spacebar - Add/Remove Ship Y - Set this ship under your control (whilst in the Ships in Battle section) 1 - Set this ship to Team 1 (whilst in the Ships in Battle section) 2 - Set this ship to Team 2 (whilst in the Ships in Battle section) Controls: © - Left ¨ - Right ª - Speed Up « - Speed Down Alt - Fire Torpedoes / Quantum Torpedoes Spacebar - Fire Phasers / Pulse Phasers Control - Fire Shockwave R - Display firing range C - Cloak
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