Star Trek: The Invasion of Cardassia

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Published by mdcobbin 14 years ago , last updated 1 year ago
Star Trek: The Invasion of Cardassia is a mod for Star Wars: battle of endor. Take command of the uss defiant and lead the federation into battle against the dominion. Ships in current version of game are: The Federation: Deep Space Nine Defiant class Galaxy class Nebula class Excelsior class Akira class Sabre class Shelley class Steamrunner class Miranda class The Klingon Empire: Negh'var Vorcha class Klingon D-7 Bird of Prey The Romulan Empire: Romulan Warbird The Dominion and Cardassia: Jem'hadar Fighter Galor class Breen warship Jem'hadar Battlecruiser Jem'hadar V-Type Battlecruiser Jem'hadar Dreadnought Battleship Jem'hadar Strike Cruiser To install the game you need Star Wars: Battle of Endor v2.1 HERE then install Star Trek: The Invasion of Cardassia v1.0 HERE over battle of endor and then install Star Trek: Invasion of Cardassia v2.0 Update HERE (Should try playing battle of endor before playing invasion of cardassia good game). Controls for game are: Q - accelerate A - decelerate X - pulse phaser cannon fire mode (single-fire / double-fire / quad-fire) Z - quantum torpedoes on/off R - sensors on/off ESC - pause game
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