Taldren, developers of the Starfleet Command series, has closed down.

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Published by Cjones 18 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Chris Jones here. This is taken directly from Starfleet Universe, originally reported by Stylsy... Word is all over the Taldren Forums on the closure of Taldren and the uncertain future of the forums. What will happen it looks like is that the Taldren forums will be moved to a new server in the short term, and then the content will be transferred to the new forums at Dynaverse.net. The Taldren forums have been a long running, popular breeding ground for modding and fan fiction talents, and have been the source for Taldren's community support. Update June 23, 2004 by 3dot14 This has been a long time brewing. The company as we now know it suffered a huge set back when Majesco quietly cancelled Taldren's Black 9 in Sept 2003. Despite valiant efforts by the employees, the company simply could not keep going. The SFC community is a resilient bunch and have already undertaken steps to deal with this sad, although not entirely unexpected, event. Efforts are being made to transfer the Taldren Forum database wholesale to its new home at Dynaverse.net, which is hosted by long time dedicated community member Admiral_Frey and his XenoCorps. We axiously wait for the transfer, and hope the community will continue thriving there. Have you heard of the tagline from MSNBC a couple years back, that when the world ends, MSNBC will be right there to report it? Well today, the world of SFC, as we now know it, is drawing to a close. Yet a new one awaits us. An incarnation of Taldren will survive in South Korea. Taldren's CEO Erik Bethke has already struck roots in Korea and is forging plans to develope a myth-themed MMORPG. The fans will find places to congregate, and mods will keep flowing, and Starfleet Universe will be here to provide continuing coverage of everything SFC. The old Tadren Forums are now at http://www.dynaverse.net. On a personal note, it is very sad to see this happen. The SFC series of games, since SFC1 in 1999, has been a source of great entertainment for myself and so many people. The games will continue, the mods will continue, and we will move forward. There is rumour of Source Code being released. for more on this..
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