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Published by Darkdrone 18 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
The STHW team (Homeworld mod team) has finally gotten it's website back up. Along with a new domain and a new look, we've also been expanding to other games. Several of our mods aren't *quite* released yet.. however, ships for SFC2/OP and SFC3 are now being released on a regular basis (thanks to help from DarkDrone of Unimatrix One) . We plan to release anywhere from 1 to 4 ships in any given week (don't worry we have a stockpile of ships built up). As of right now there are 14 ships available for download at our site in our SFC section. You can visit our site at either or Enjoy!! And please take time to visit our forums and tell us what you think. Dolphoenix - STHW team lead
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