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Published by Greenvalv 15 years ago , last updated 4 years ago

Best class of ship...

Battleship 26.2% (94)

Dreadnought 20.1% (72)

Heavy Cruiser 18.7% (67)

Battlecruiser 15.9% (57)

Light Cruiser 6.9% (25)

Carrier 4.7% (17)

Destroyer 4.1% (15)

Frigate 3% (11)

Total: 358
Start: 07-28-2007 09:15
Last: 08-11-2007 01:56

 #1 - Posted by: W4rbird (Member) on 07-28-2007 at 14:38
Light cruiser FTW! Light, fast and lethal :D

 #2 - Posted by: ss2gohan (Member) on 07-29-2007 at 18:32
It's definitely destroyer, at least for me. They played a pretty big role in the Battle of the Atlantic in both world wars, along with the corvettes and frigates, although the latter two didn't really come into being until World War II. Anywho, I love those little things. :-)

 #3 - Posted by: Suraci (Member) on 07-30-2007 at 00:53
You stated a nice comparision, but am I wrong or this pool refers to [b]star[/b]ships?

 #4 - Posted by: Greenvalv (Staff) on 07-30-2007 at 07:53
Er, well, I suppose it can be assumed since this is a sci-fi website...

 #5 - Posted by: Suraci (Member) on 07-31-2007 at 23:31
Who the the hell of you really play BB?! Anyway - CA!

 #6 - Give me a light cruiser - Posted by: Fallen_Warrior (Staff) on 08-02-2007 at 07:37
light cruisers have the speed aswell as the turning rates, that and anything smaller just plays wrong in SFC3, (way too much speed) heavy cruiser are a close second for me but BB's and DN's are just too slow Battlecruisers are a tie with second place for me for the simple reason if you refit them with better thrusters and impulse engines they play almost as well as a heavy cruiser

 #7 - Posted by: TrekerMonty (Member) on 08-02-2007 at 16:28
Defiant class destroyer all the way!

 #8 - #3 - Posted by: IKS_Yo_Mama (Staff) on 08-03-2007 at 08:17
These options are what each [b]star[/b]ship is classed as in SFC3.. with execption of the carrier (which could be seen as the Curry Class) example, Nebula Class and Fek'lhr Class are Battlecruisers, Akira and Vor'cha are cruisers...etc etc Well, thats what I see it as anyway since this is SFC3.. Destroyers FTW

 #9 - Posted by: W4rbird (Member) on 08-03-2007 at 08:42
Dude, destroyers, carriers (mainly!) and battlecruisers were present since SFC2... Thus carriers equals not only to Curry Class, because, as I suspect, this pool refers not only to SFC3, but to all SFCs.

 #10 - Posted by: Kakashi971 (Member) on 08-07-2007 at 05:43
i like the battleships. why you ask??? cuz theey are big mean and make your opponents wet themselves looking at such a big ship coming at them.

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