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Federation Phase 2

Mesh/Textures:IncursionX22 Design:Atolm yet other fine design by atolm for starfleet command for the federation


Federation Federation CVA

Name and Class of model: Federation CVA Original Modeler: Pneumonic81, Vampire Lestat/Marauth, Wolfsglen, Thu11s Original Textures: Pneum...


Federation Federation Class Dreadnought Refit

Federation Class Dreadnought Refit Tested in SFC:OP Original Mesh and Textures: Pneumonic81 Additional Tweaking by Wolfsglen. Final...


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Federation PRE-TOS Archer Class

Perhaps more than any other class, the ARCHER system patrol ships were responsible for saving the outer colonies of the United Earth (UE) du...


Federation Amazon Class

Amazon Class by 111jwallace111 for starfleet command 3


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Federation Scout Class

Scout Class by 111jwallace111 for starfleet command 3


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Federation Prototype Cruiser

Prototype Cruiser by 111jwallace111 for sfc3


Federation Battle cruiser Class

Battle cruiser Class by 111jwallace111 for sfc3 a tos Battle cruiser great looking ship tos fans will love this one


Federation Solidarity Class

new Federation Dreadnought class starship the uss Solidarity TMP era


Federation ALACRITY Class

ALACRITY Class a command version of the dreadnoght for the federation its main role to to control large fleets of federation ships


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Federation Mendoza Class

Mendoza Class is a refit of the Miranda for the tng era


Federation Fcl class

a FCL class for the federation by 111jwallace111 for sfc3 its a nice design and plays very well ingame


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Federation U.s.s Enterprise G

U.s.s Enterprise G a new design by atolm and modeled by 111jwallace111 for sfc3 its a great update to a classic design atolm has many mor...


Federation fastdestroyer

Federation fastdestroyer class starship for sfc3


Federation Fast Patrol Frigate

federation Fast Patrol Frigate for starfleet command 3 really nice model well worth the download


Federation Federation BattleShip

Federation BattleShip yet other fine looking ship for tos or tmp well worth a download


Federation SoulWolf Class

SoulWolf Class by 111jwallace111 and Atolm one of the great starships designs for tmp the design was done by atolm and the model by 11jwall...


Federation Fighter

this is a federation fighter ship cool or what looks like a space jet :D


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Federation New Frigate Class

A New Frigate Class of ship for the federaton yet other fine tos for your fleet well worth a download


Federation Federation Patrol ship

Federation Patrol ship other tos ship nice little design worth adding too you tos fleet


Federation Federation policecutter

Federation policecutter by 111jwallace111 for starfleet command 3 tos era


Federation Federation Ranger Class

Federation Ranger Class by 111jwallace111 for starfleet command 2


Federation Federation Torpedo ship

Federation Torpedo ship for starfleet command 2 by 111jwallace111


Federation K7 Starbase

K series Space Stations for sfc2


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