Star Trek: Starfleet Command III

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Klingon Screensaver Icarus 5.24MB 258
sfc3_intro_movie.exe Guest 28.57MB 42
SFC3 GFL Legions at War Teaser Guest 16.79MB 9
Music Replacement for SFC3 Chris Jones 17.43MB 2,790
Stargate Music Trevor J Pilkington 1.78MB 1,155 Wallpaper Team 80KB 1,669
EV Wallpaper Guest 148KB 726
POTD Guest 959KB 466
EJ's pics EJ 64KB 634
Wallpapers Guest 227KB 746
FilesNetwork Christmas Present Guest 1.96MB 269
SFC3 Wallpaper with Logo Brian Stilson 133KB 493
Wallpapers AlDaja 1.88MB 473
Set of four wallpapers W4rbird 4.76MB 267
SFC2 desktop wallpapers Icarus 1.73MB 227
Federation Vs Borg Movie Guest 11.75MB 3,503
Federation Vs Klingon Movie [1/2] Guest 11.71MB 1,275
Federation Vs Klingon Movie [2/2] Guest 11.98MB 979
Ship Selection Movie Guest 11.84MB 1,037
Romulan VS Borg Movie Guest 12MB 2,147
Romulan vs Borg Video Guest 10.02MB 526
Federation VS Borg Guest 9.79MB 2,093
Federation VS Klingon Guest 9.95MB 708
Federation vs Klingon 2 Guest 9.76MB 464
Ship Selection Viedo WMP Guest 9.72MB 362
Game Trailer Guest 22.36MB 1,872
A "simple" Bust W4rbird 10.34MB 144
Sedition I Intro Movie S31Riptide 7.9MB 449
Romulan Star Empire [DragoN].Warbird* 18.83MB 659
Romulan Star Empire 2 [DragoN].Warbird* 31.05MB 442
Hot Pursuit [DragoN].Warbird* 61.62MB 372
The Mask Slips (8472 Threat) [DragoN].Warbird* 38.85MB 370
Romulan Encounter W4rbird 64.81MB 284
Wrong Warp Coordinates W4rbird 25.53MB 562
Departing Voyager maloa 6.08MB 814
Romulan Away Team W4rbird 97.26MB 751
Star Trek: Klingon Maru Icarus 14.95MB 286
Romulan Star Empire 3 W4rbird 83.76MB 266
Legions at War Trailer GFL Mod Team 73.99MB 1,940
Surveillance Mission Aurocastro - AKA W4rbird 31.93MB 170
Old Times Duel Icarus 6.77MB 153
Big Battle W4rbird 60.36MB 479
Romulan Star Empire 4 W4rbird 15.67MB 441
Klingon Empire Icarus 36.81MB 284
The Kingdom of the Blind W4rbird 53.43MB 107
Keep your Friends Close W4rbird 28.39MB 103
I pwn (Borg Collective)! r0xXx0r 3.7MB 128
I pwn (Romulans)! r0xXx0r 10.9MB 95
I pwn (myself?!)! r0xXx0r 15.91MB 130
I pwn (Excelsior)! r0xXx0r 7.19MB 148
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