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Media Klingon Screensaver

A Klingon Screensaver, recommended for all true warriors. Qapla'!


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Media SFC3 GFL Legions at War Teaser

SFC3 GFL Legions at War Teaser


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Media New Movie Music for SFC3

These are some audio clips from the official site and the trailers edited and converted for use with any version of SFC3.


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Audio Star Trekking across the universe

"Star Trekking, across the universe" that´s what they sing in this paradoy to a pretty old song I forgot the name of. I just though I shoul...


Audio Music Replacement for SFC3

This file will unzip to an exe. The exe will detect where SFC3 is on your hard drive and will place some new mp3 files into assets/sound of...


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Audio Stargate Music

This includes the music from the opening themes from stargate SG1 and Atlantis


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Wallpapers Wallpaper

This is the first file on SFC3Files! :D This is a great wallpaper, even I've got it, though I did make it! Well I would recommend this to...


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Wallpapers EV Wallpaper

This is a Screenshot wallpaper of SFC3.


Wallpapers POTD

I made this pack for a few reasons 1 they are the best potd's 2 I don't want our community at sfc3 for going too long with out at l...


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Wallpapers EJ's pics

2 pics thats all in game pictures thats all


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Wallpapers Wallpapers

ok there is no real way to put this but this is a pack of 7 screen pics from ingame of stock sfc3 ships


Wallpapers FilesNetwork Christmas Present

This is some wallpaper created by filenetwork it includes 4 different sizes 800x600 1024x768 1280x960 1600x1200


Wallpapers SFC3 Wallpaper with Logo

Nice SFC3 wallpaper with a nova class, Valdor class and Corona class


Wallpapers Wallpapers

5 wallpapers in .jpg format. It includes: Federation ships fighting against each other Dominion ships attacking earth Klingon cruiser b...


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Wallpapers Set of four wallpapers

This is a set of four SFC3 based wallpapers. Do not be mistaken, this archive contains four pictures, but basically, there are two main pict...


Wallpapers SFC2 desktop wallpapers

Following W4rbird's idea, I decided to make two other wallpapers. Designed for 1280x1024's, pictures comes from SFC2: EAW. Enjoy.


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Video Federation Vs Borg Movie

This is a slow moving movie of a sovergein class ship attacking a Borg Sphere. The movie is quite slow and dull, no big bangs ;)


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Video Federation Vs Klingon Movie [1/2]

This is a kool movie of a two Federation ships (a sovergein and nebula class) attacking a Klingon battle curiser. The shields on the klin...


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Video Federation Vs Klingon Movie [2/2]

Contuing the battle between the federation and the klingon. This time from the federation view. You watch the federation shoot the klingo...


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Video Ship Selection Movie

This is a very dull movie of somebody selecting their ship for battle. :( Not worth the download


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Video Romulan VS Borg Movie

This is a great, fun-to-watch, movie of a romluan fleet attacking a borg cube, which shields has failed on two sides. Though nobody blows up...


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Video Romulan vs Borg Video

This movie is a preview of the Romulans VS the Borg. Its not that fun to watch but it does show how you can use the Interface in a battle...


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Video Federation VS Borg

This movie show a Federation Ship battleing a Borg Sphere. This one well show you how the weapons are fired in the game.