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Video Ship Selection Viedo WMP

This is a very dull movie of somebody selecting their ship for battle. Not worth the download


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Video Game Trailer

This trailler provides the viewer with plenty of action and ingame-clips. This is just the thing to get you even more phyced for the game's...


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Video A "simple" Bust

The Federation heavy cruiser - USS Endeavour encountered two Jem'Hadar bug ships and is requesting for assistance. Two Romulan frigates hav...


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Video Sedition I Intro Movie

This is the intro movie with credits from Sedition I. Pretty cool, check it out.


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Video Romulan Star Empire

Movie video which shows you the might and strength of the Romulan Star Empire.


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Video Romulan Star Empire 2

The second installment of the Romulan Star Empire which shows there there might and strength.


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Video Hot Pursuit

My third video. Some backround: The USS Ravager is trying to intercept stolen weapon data by RIS Interceptor - a poorly unarmed Romulan cons...


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Video The Mask Slips (8472 Threat)

Borg are no match for 8472 species. Aliens controls The Collective. This is one of many encounters met by combined forces of Federation-Klin...


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Video Romulan Encounter

The Romulan Encounter as seen at the near beginning of the ST: Bridge Commander game (particulary as seen in the demo). The USS Dauntless is...


Video Wrong Warp Coordinates

Well, perhaps this is my last video and what more, not everyone would likely enjoy it :P It seems title explains a lot, but don't expect vi...


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Video Departing Voyager

Voyager is departing from Cape Canaveral at Earth and does a moon-flyby at highspeed in this Film To install this file, just unzip it


Video Romulan Away Team

Okay, this is really my last file. Here is the story: TOS era... Fictional event... Few light years from Romulan Neutral Zone... Federati...


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Video Star Trek: Klingon Maru

Star Trek Klingon Maru created by Icarus and W4rbird Enjoy


Video Romulan Star Empire 3

You may consider this as hi-res video. The third (and the last) installment of the Romulan Star Empire. A lot of fragments comes form Sta...


Video Legions at War Trailer

This is one helluva trailer depicting the Legions at War mod, If you have never had the opportunity, or good fortune to play this mod...


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Video Surveillance Mission

Two Federation Vessels - USS Excelsior captained by Adm. Fairbanks and USS Explorer captained by Cmdr. Sarek are on deep surveillance missio...


Video Old Times Duel

Very short duel between Federaton Heavy Cruiser and Romulan Sparrowhawk like in old times (SFC1).


Video Big Battle

A big battle between the Federation and Romulan Star Empire. The main objective is to destroy terran starbase 1375. Romulan forces consist o...


Video Romulan Star Empire 4

When I was saying I made the last part of RSE I must admit I lied. This fouth part shows you what you think you would see, a propaganda abou...


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Video Klingon Empire

The Klingon Empire!!! Want something to add? 6:35 min promo video, 640x480, 25 fps, WMV. Qapla'!


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Video The Kingdom of the Blind

The Romulan Star Empire has established a new colony in Visitima system on a planet, locally known as Taphet. The planet itself is very rich...


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Video Keep your Friends Close

Stardate 9021.7, near the Romulan-Gorn border. A disabled Federation science vessel (Nebula class) from 24th century appears in contested Ro...


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Video I pwn (Borg Collective)!

Short, but suggestive video showing how to pwn a Borg Fusion Cube


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Video I pwn (Romulans)!

Short, but suggestive video showing how to pwn a few pitiful Romulan vessels.