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Mods Star Trek SFC3 - Intro movies disabler/enab

Ever wanted to skip those long laggy movies in the begging of your game? Well this is what this does. You can simply eather Disable them or...


Mods SFC3 RE-BALANCING MOD: Capt. Ravenous and Chris Jones

This Mod for SFC3 adjusts the spec file and adds a few new models to better simulate the TNG Universe battles.. This is considered the '...


Mods SFC3 Re-Balancing Mod Update (Part 2)

What this mod does: 1. ALL ships, stations, bases, shuttles, etc. have been balanced according to real data on TNG Trek starships and a...


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Mods No Shield Mod

This is a 'No Shield Graphic' mod for SFC3. I had been playing a lot of Bridge Commander recently, and got to liking the idea of no shield...


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Mods Re-Balance Mod Single Player Campaign Fix

This file will fix problems people have had starting the Fed campaign on Commander Difficulty. This problem arose because I took the Norway...


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Mods The Neutral Zone Mod

This is The Neutral Zone mod by Captain KoraH. For a long time it has been exclusive to Battleclinic, but now it finally comes to sfc3files....


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Mods Assimilation Mod

Assimilation ModBeta Version 9/8/03 for SFC3 version 1.01 with the Beta patch installed. Author: James Formo Contact: makeit...


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Mods Universal Mod

for its size this mod is prity good. i wish i had dione it myself, its as simple as pie to do. actually i have sort of done it because...


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Mods Terrain for SFC3

I had a request in the Taldren Forums for a separate release of the Terrains included in my TNG Mega Mod. There are two in the mod, and h...


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Mods Battlezone: The 2nd Voyage

Battlezone: The 2nd Voyage A new mulitiplayer mod from the battlezone team for sfc3 check out they site below for more info on the mo...


Mods Project DarkStorm .v3

Project DarkStorm .v3 by darkdrone I`ve been working on this project since Starfleet command 3 come out this is set of new shi...


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Mods the origianal series mod

Welcome to THE ORIGINAL SERIES Mod for SFC3. To install: First install a fresh copy of your game, then install the Build 534 FullPatch...


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Mods Sci-fi Bash mod

startrek vs starwars how much more do you need to say :D total of 30 starwars ships to take on the startrek fleets a nice little mod by P...


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Mods Enhanced DefaultLoad

This file is a mod for Starfleet Command 3. It basically unlocks some neutral ships to be used in Skirmish mode.


Mods Power Fluctuation

This small mod lets you get other races technology and has refited the defient to be more like DS9.


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Mods Annihalation

This is a simple mod changes borg armor strength and federation phaser masses


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Mods Rank Mod

This is a mod which replaces the kilngon ranks with there proper names and also changes the amount of presige you have to get to get to the...


Mods Rise of Kingdoms II

This mod dedicated to Deborah Formo. Special thanks to V1ctor1st, Katherine & Nicola Venra over at for h...


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Mods Hippie Mod

This mod allows the federation to have cloaking devices and give some other things such as weapons to other races


Mods SFC 3 Unofficial Balancing Beta Patch

The SFC comunity have created a unofficial beta patch to balance out the game and fix other errors. Read readme for other infomation To...


Mods SFC3 Server Kit Unofficial Balancing Beta Patch

It has been close to a year since Taldren released a patch for Starfleet Command 3, now Taldren does not exist, they declared bankruptcy and...


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Mods Borg Shields

A simple mod lets the borg be able to use shields


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Mods Borg Shields

This mod by ivan87 allows the Borg ships to have shields if you want to refit them with it. I did lower the Borg armour health in this versi...


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Mods Specs Mod

This mod makes it so you have more mass available for your systems on your starships. It also includes the weaponitems and poweritems files,...