Star Trek: Starfleet Command III

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Rebellion X-Wing Pack

4 x wings one with wings closed, one with wings open and the other two have wings closed and have an R2 or R5. Each model has a break model...


Rebellion Corellian Corvette/blockade runner

The Corellian Corvette was know for its multiple engines, giving it an advantage in speed. These ships were used by the Rebellion to get in...


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Rebellion Corellian Frigate

The Corellian Frigate was built to accompany the Corvette on missions were serveral ships were needed.


Rebellion Millenium Falcon

The Millenium Falcon is a highly modified YT-1300 cargo freighter. It's modifications allow it to travel at a speed that would obliterate...


Rebellion X-Wing Fighter

The T-65 "X-wing" Fighter is a descendant of the Arc-170 Fighters used during the Clone Wars. The T-65 features pivoting thrusters for ad...


Rebellion Y-Wing Fighter

The Y-wing fighter/bomber is capable of droping high yield proton bombs.


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