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All Files In Star Trek: Starfleet Command III Textures
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Textures NEW Weapons textures

ok here is a file made to make textures an wepons fire more vivid and more colors added in to it as a twist to make the the game much more o...


Textures Borg Cube Updated Textures

this file is an update to the cube textures whihc look week to me but these make them more like the oens from Armada 2 which are brillient....


Textures new tractor textures

hear is a new look for your tractor beam people set it to better! helm! yes


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Textures Read cloud

hear is a retexture for the Black Elk class starship


Textures Shield Pack

this mod is a small one but its prity good. i personally dont like it as much as i should but thats because i'm used to the current one\...


Textures Shield pack

ok this is a shield texture that will make your shields look difrent than the stock shields and in my view i like thes and am going to say t...


Textures Fire Plasma Stream

Cmdr Laforge has turned out a lot of add-ons an here is another high qualaty one. the plasma streaming from your ship will replace the stock...


Textures SFC3 New Weapon Textures

This mod changes the textures of the Klingon disrutor, gravimetric torpedo, Photons, pulse phasers and quantum torpedos. Check out the sc...


Textures SFC3 Textures

This is the second version of the texture mod for Starfleet Command 3. It adds several completely new textures for SFC3, which will make the...


Textures P$YCH0's torpedoes for SFC III

These are textures that will change the photon and quantum torpedo look in SFC III.


Textures Borg cube re-texture

This is a re-texture of the stock Borg Cube based on Johnny Lightning's Star Trek series Cube.


Textures No Shields

This is my attempt at it, and I got the shields to disappear completely (No shadows left). Just follow the readme's instructions and you're...


Textures I-J Class Planet Pack 1

Class I Gas Supergiant Class I planets range in age from 2 to 10 billion years old. Their diameters range in size from 140,000 to 10 mill...


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