Star Trek: Starfleet Command III

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All Files In Star Trek: Starfleet Command III Wallpapers
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Wallpapers Wallpaper

This is the first file on SFC3Files! :D This is a great wallpaper, even I've got it, though I did make it! Well I would recommend this to...


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Wallpapers EV Wallpaper

This is a Screenshot wallpaper of SFC3.


Wallpapers POTD

I made this pack for a few reasons 1 they are the best potd's 2 I don't want our community at sfc3 for going too long with out at l...


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Wallpapers EJ's pics

2 pics thats all in game pictures thats all


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Wallpapers Wallpapers

ok there is no real way to put this but this is a pack of 7 screen pics from ingame of stock sfc3 ships


Wallpapers FilesNetwork Christmas Present

This is some wallpaper created by filenetwork it includes 4 different sizes 800x600 1024x768 1280x960 1600x1200


Wallpapers SFC3 Wallpaper with Logo

Nice SFC3 wallpaper with a nova class, Valdor class and Corona class


Wallpapers Wallpapers

5 wallpapers in .jpg format. It includes: Federation ships fighting against each other Dominion ships attacking earth Klingon cruiser b...


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Wallpapers Set of four wallpapers

This is a set of four SFC3 based wallpapers. Do not be mistaken, this archive contains four pictures, but basically, there are two main pict...


Wallpapers SFC2 desktop wallpapers

Following W4rbird's idea, I decided to make two other wallpapers. Designed for 1280x1024's, pictures comes from SFC2: EAW. Enjoy.


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