Achenar Heavy Cruiser (Late TOS)

This heavy cruiser was commissioned near the end of the original Enterprise's five year journey. The nacelles were an early design for thos...


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This heavy cruiser was commissioned near the end of the original Enterprise's five year journey. The nacelles were an early design for those seen on the Enterprise-A.

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Download 'achenar_late.rar' (2.96MB)

Achernar-class starship by Atra-Hasis
Re-released Sept 20, 2003

Mesh and Textures: Atra-Hasis
Poly Count: 4506
Break Model: Yes
LOD's: No
Hardpoints: Yes

SFC1 version: end1.mod
SFC2 version: end2.mod

You can stick this model into your F-CA+ slot or make a new class with the following specs:

***Ship Data Comparing ACHERNAR and Enterprise***

USS Endeavor-------------------------------USS Enterprise
Class Type: HEAVY_CRUISER------------------HEAVY_CRUISER
Hull: CA-----------------------------------CA
Balance: 3---------------------------------(-5)
BPV: 147-----------------------------------207
First Year: 7------------------------------2
Last Year: 76------------------------------104
Base class: Achernar-----------------------Achernar

R/L warp: 18-------------------------------20
Impulse: 4---------------------------------5
APR: 2-------------------------------------2
Battery: 4---------------------------------5
Bridge: 6----------------------------------6
Lab: 8-------------------------------------8
Transporters: 3----------------------------4
Tractors: 2--------------------------------2
Size class: 3------------------------------3
Turn Mode: D-------------------------------D
Move cost: 1-------------------------------1.1
Acceleration: 10---------------------------10
HET: 1-------------------------------------1
HET Breakdown: 5---------------------------5
Explosion: 20------------------------------25
Sensors: 8---------------------------------8
Special Sensors: N/A-----------------------N/A
Scanners: 8--------------------------------8
Dam Con: 6---------------------------------6
Probes: 2----------------------------------2
Shields: 33/26/22/21-----------------------40/32/27/27

Fwd hull: 12-------------------------------14
Aft hull: 4--------------------------------4
Cargo: 2-----------------------------------3
Excess dam: 6------------------------------8
Bay size: 4--------------------------------4
Launch rate: 1-----------------------------1
Shuttle Base: 2----------------------------2
Max: 4-------------------------------------4
Crew reg: 41-------------------------------42
Min: 4-------------------------------------4
Marines base: 8----------------------------12
Max: 16------------------------------------24

Weapons: Your discretion, you can add some sec hull and aft phasers if you like.

6 X Ph1 (at hp 11, hp 12, hp 13)

hp 1 = 2 X Phot FA
hp 2 = 2 X Phot FA


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