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Here it is, our latest installment in the "Cracked Mirror Saga" The Borg invasion of the "Mirror Universe" has been successful. Their fo...


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Here it is, our latest installment in the "Cracked Mirror Saga" The Borg invasion of the "Mirror Universe" has been successful. Their foothold is firmly established...but the Terrans are not finished yet. They have launched a crossover strike to shut down the portal that has allowed the Borg into their universe. With no hope of returning to their own universe they are stuck on this side. They have to carve out a place to live and stop the Borg at the same time. The other powers of the of the galaxy are determined that the new arrivals are not going to start an open war with the collective and are prepared to do whatever it takes to stop them. The race to the Borg Portal is on...

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since we are getting down to the wire, I thought I'd inform you guys of some of the changes that were made durring testing. Of cource new ships were added, some were re-arced, and every race has a ballance I've not seen in any mod yet. Here is a listing of some of the more noticable changes you'll see:

Special Ships:
Each race now has 3 special ships, equally ballanced. They fall into 3 catagories

CSV (Combat Support Vessel):
The CSV ships are a new addition to our fleet. They are cruiser class ships, but are much smaller and maneuverable than most cruisers. these ships are equiped with 6 Antimatter minelayers, and have been gutted out to hold a massive amount of mines. Their primary weapons are lower than a normal cruiser, but with all those mines they can desimate their targets. These ships will be very useful when going against bases and planets.

Super Cruiser:
Much as the Defiant packs massive firepower in a small space, all races have a ship of equal firepower. These ships are the Defiant (Fed), the BloodRaven (Klingons), R-22 (Romulans) and the Valliant (Terrans). Each ship is small and manuverable, but should handle some big tasks.

Missle Dreadnaught:
Most of you will remember the Akira missle ship when it first made it's appearance, now each race has a ship comperable. While holding less primary weapons and lower shielding than a battleship, these missle ships pack a big punch with the large number of secondary weapons. The missleships for each race are the Akira (Fed), the KomoVar (Klingons), the Avis (Romulan) and the Thunderbolt (Terrans).

New Settings:
There were several changes made to the settings in the game, making it more and more ballanced. These changed will be listed here

The shield settings were tweeked bigtime. The Shield X was raised, and each of the lower shields were set at a level incrimentally. When we looked at our shield settings from previous mods, it didn't make sence to me why Shield I through IX went from a strength of 7 to 33, then make a jump to X at 75. I have set the shielding accross the board to have a much greater effectiveness.

No, I didn't make the ships seam as though they are flying through mollasis. I'll clear that up before I get started. The top end and low end thruster settings did not change. What did change is the amout of power gap in between them. It seemed apparent that in some of the thrusters, there was little difference between a V and a VI then a big difference bt a VI and a VII. So, what I did was I went through and changed the power levels of each Thruster so that now there is an even difference between all the thrusters from I to X. Like I said, I did not lower any of the settings, I just made the gap even between them all.

Warp Core:
Again, I did not make the cores so you can only power one weapon at a time. We noticed very quickly on that some ships with a warp X was not able to fully power your weapons and shields. So, in increasing the power for the Xs I began to notice that the warp cores had the same problems as the thrusters. The low end cores had little gap between them, until you got to warp VI then they began making huge jumps. So, what I did was the same as I did with the Thrusters. I made all the power output settings for each core exactly the same gap between them. I did this accross the board.

Weapon strength for the Phasers were set at the levels they were supposed to be set at. In the past couple of mods when we had base weapons on the ships, the base weapons were set at the level that the Level 13 phasers and level IV disrupters were supposed to be set at. That has now been fixed. No ships now have base weapons, the bases do. Also, Torpedo strength has also been increased. I began to notice that the secondary weapons would barely do damage to a ship when the beams could damage a ship with one shot. According to cannon settings, the torpedoes should be the granddaddy of all weapons, severally damaging ships with a few shots where phasers would barely scratch a hull. Torpedoes will now do the damage they are supposed to.

With the new weapon settings, we were affraid of the "One Shot Kill" manuver that we had in past mods. Even with the increased shield settings, once you got a shield down armor didn't last long. So, we doubled the armor strength accross the board. You won't be able to kill an enimy as quickly as you could before, but you won't die as quickly either. This will provide for longer "dogfights" and much more entertaining PvP battles. Stratigy will come more into play with this, you won't be able to just tractor and run anymore.

Computer Items:
To further help with battles, we increased the range index of the computers to double their normal settings. This will allow you to see farther even on the biggest maps. We also increased the anticloak rating. You won't be able to detect a cloak V ship on the other side of the map, but they will think twice before comming too close.

Officers this round will start out at a lower setting, but they are tougher and smarter. Hopefully with this setting change, officers won't die as often. We've also set up cross training. Which will allow an officer to promote in areas not of his expertise. (IE a Security will train in Helm) This will allow you to switch officers if you do manage to kill one off.

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