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this is the Alternate Universe Server B mod chaos theory. This is a mod that runs 24/7 365 days a year

here are the rules of the game:...


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this is the Alternate Universe Server B mod chaos theory. This is a mod that runs 24/7 365 days a year

here are the rules of the game:

The following outlines LOS (Line of Supply) rules. Currently we are using only LOS rules not AO at this point. Many of the following rules mention "poor sportsmanship". Players exibiting excessive poor sportsmanship will be deleted from the server without notice. Also at any time an admin or Race Moderator may be online. They have the right to order a player to leave, come to, or stop in a hex. Players must follow these orders.

The Admins are: Tech, Eliminator, Lancer

Race Moderators are

Federation: StormBringer

Klingon: Scully

Romulan: ZED

Borg: LordShlong

1. Map movement - These rules define when you can enter an enemy controlled hex and are the cornerstone of what makes the campaign so fun. You can only move into hexes that your race has "influence" in. Your race automatically has influence in all hexes of your empire. Your race has influence in any hex that is adjacent to a hex controlled by your empire if an unbroken line can be drawn to a friendly base or planet. If your supply line is broken at any time you must withdraw to space that is within LOS and continue from there.

2. Any intentional disconnection from a Human vs Human mission will result in your account being deleted. All cases will be decided by the Race Leaders and Server Admin on a case-by-case basis. Repeat offenders will be banned from the server.

3. Any form of outright cheating, exploiting of game bugs or similar activity to destroy ships or gain prestige is considered being chance to be banned. If you're not sure weather what you're doing is cheating, ask your Race Leader for clarification.

4. Self Destruct Rule - If you lose connection during a Human vs Human battle in which your ship was destroyed by enemy fire or by collision with a space object such as a planet, asteroid or Black hole, you should self destruct your ship upon reconnecting to the server. Failure to do so constitutes being banned.

5. In a Human vs Human battle you may not attack your enemy before he has raised his shields, charged his weapons or begun moving. It is considered poor sportmanship to suckerpunch your opponent. This includes warping right next to your opponent and waiting for him to drop into the game. Maintain your distance until your opponent is in the game.

6. Forfeits - Note that causing players to autoforfeit by attacking them before their movement que is complete is considered poor sportsmanship. Wait a couple seconds to make sure they are fully in your hex.

7. Hex sniping is expressly forbidden. Hex sniping is when players of one race have turned a hex neutral, and someone from an opposing race runs a mission in that hex to prevent it from falling into enemy hands. When a hex turns neutral, the race that reduced that hex has all the rights to it, and if the hex goes neutral and then for any reason turns any color other than the reducing race's, your race will be penalized in territory, and your account will be deleted. This includes going into a mission while the hex is still colored and coming out of the mission while it's neutral. Don't even think about stopping the enemy from turning your hexes after they have spent all their time working the hex DV down. You will pay a lot and gain nothing.

8. Race Leaders - A Race Leader will be appointed for each race, and that leader may choose an assistant. Race Leaders are free to retire their assistants and appoint new ones at their discretion. Race Leaders will be in command of their race's strategy during the campaign. It is strongly advised that all players follow the plans and orders of their Race Leaders, as this promotes teamwork and good sportsmanship, and improves the quality of the game for all players. Your Race Leader is there to help your team win, and answer questions about the campaign, your empire and the game. Neither piloting skill nor flying the biggest ship will win for your team. Only teamwork will bring victory.

9. This is the established dispute resolution policy: If you have a complaint about another player, take a screenshot of the offensive activity (if appropriate) and talk to your Race Leader about it. Please keep in mind that out of thousands of players and almost a dozen campaigns, I have run across less than ten real cheaters. The guy who tractored you at range 180 is probably not cheating, one of you is probably experiencing lag. Laggy games and poor dialup internet connections can cause the game to do some crazy stuff, so think about it before you accuse someone of cheating.

10. Players and poor connections - Not everyone has a smoking internet connection. Those of you using dailup internet connections such as AOL (lord help you poor sods...) are still welcome to play, but if your poor connection interferes with normal human vs human matches, you should avoid large battles. Race Leaders and server admins may ask some players with poor connections to not engage in pvp battles in extreme cases.

11. Lost prestige due to bugs, ect will not be replaced.

12. The fallen empire have to switch to another empire.

Your empire has no planets.

You have to Switch to a new empire.

13. Scouting - Any player may go "scouting" within enemy territory, provided they follow these rules. Note that scouting can be used to traverse enemy controled space to get to other areas of the map.

o You may not accept any missions while out of your AO.

o You may not take any wingmen with you while scouting.

o If you are attacked by any AI or human player, you must forfeit.

o You must declare in "general chat" that you are scouting.

o You may not deliver a base while scouting.

Playing on this server signifies that you have read and agree to obey unconditionally all the rules presented here. I agree ! Click here ( )to get signed up!

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