Anomie Class

The Interstellar Machine Corporation was charged with creating a starship with the maneuverability of the Defiant Class, the carrying capaci...


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The Interstellar Machine Corporation was charged with creating a starship with the maneuverability of the Defiant Class, the carrying capacity of the Akira Class, and the versatility of the Miranda Class. The result was the Anomie Class, whose name is the Greek word for chaos. The lower hull is replete with aft shuttle bays and cargo space, a forward focused navigational deflector, and duel forward pulse phaser emitters. The saucer borrowed a modular design from the proposed Insignia Class. The aft heavy weapons pod boasts slots for four torpedo launchers and two XS phaser strips. The warp engines are a redesign of the Defiant Class engines providing less moments and quicker turn rates. Class: Heavy Escort (DD)

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Anomie Class

This is the an update for the Anomie Class, I reworked the mesh a bit and included the source files. Overall, I tried to bring it into the Star Trek universe a little bit more, it should match your other ships  a little bit better.

Mesh by Interstellar Machine
Textures by Interstellar Machine
NOTE: source files and alternate textures included!

You may use this ship in your mod, or kitbash it or what ever. You only need to let me know if you come up with something really good so that I can have fun with it too!

Unzip the zip file into a folder by the same name as the ship model in the model Directory.   Copy the CustomLoadOut.txt file into the specs folder. This will erase any custom ships made in game. If you currently have a CustomLoadOut.txt file, make a backup.
If you have any questions or comments, my e-mail is

Installing this addon is a function of your own risk. If it messes up the game, I will take no responsibility, such are the perils of modding.

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