Assimilation Mod

Assimilation ModBeta Version 9/8/03

for SFC3 version 1.01 with the Beta patch installed.

Author: James Formo Contact: makeit...


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Assimilation ModBeta Version 9/8/03

for SFC3 version 1.01 with the Beta patch installed.

Author: James Formo Contact: [email protected] Put Assim mod in topic or I will think its more junk mail.

This mod includes 3 missions by The Pelican.

What does this mod do?

1: 1st off all the races and alliances are still stock

2: The shuttles now drop mines! The shuttles also have shields and armor so they can stick around long enough to disrupt the battlefield. The shuttle can now be bought in the campaign shipyard.

3: This mod is mostly designed for conquest mode at Admiral level. Three of Pelicans missions are included. Scan, survey and emergency. The stock mission DistressCall is also used. For all four races in conquest mode.

4: The AI officers are now mostly upgraded to vetean/legendary. This makes AI ships tougher.

5: Ships are more expensive. More so at Admiral. Your officers will level up slower.

6: Borrowing a bit from Pelican's refit system. The Feds, Klinks and Roms each have up to 20 shields to choose from. Only the refit for shields has been altered.

7: All refits now give info as to what they do. A weapon has its damage, energy draw and firing rate all listed in the refit screen!

8: AI ships now have the max number of mines and marines. One exception. The Marauder has 12 marines, you may need to capture a few to get prestige early on. PLayer ships will start out fully stocked but still need to have supplies replenished. Supplies will cost more.

9: The Scimitar is now available to select in both campaign and skirmish.


Thanks to The Pelican for letting me include his missions. These missions include: Survey, Scan, and Emergency.

Thanks to Chris Jones. Who's mods for SFC2 got me into this eventually.

Thanks to Mackie who may have some stuff to add to this as it gets further along.

Thanks to the Taldren/SFC community. I hope to be adding ships to this mod as time permits me.

Bugs & Errors

Please report any errors to [email protected] Title it assim bug please. I do not think you will find any. There may be some issue as to the number of mines the shuttles should have.


Copyright notices:

Star Trek, Star Fleet Command, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions.

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Download 'assimilation.rar' (795KB)


Method 1-The long way.

Remove SFC3 completely, including all folders. Then reboot. Reinstall SFC3. Install the Beta patch.
Then add the files from the Assimilation mod into the Activision folder. (before you play a game)

The reason for this method is that missions and campaigns get loaded from cache files. If you just add new missions
without removing the cache files, the game never reads them.

Method 2- The short preferred method.

BACK UP THE FILES THAT THIS MOD OVERWRITES(I did not include the originals in this beta release)

1: In your Sfc3/assets/Scripts folder, delete these 2 files. AllScripts.Cache and CampaignScripts.Cache.
   If you don't do thid the game wont read the new missions you add.

2: Place the files from this mod into the Activision folder. This mod uses all stock models. 

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