When first contact was made with the Dominion, Starfleet knew that it would only be a matter of time before they would have to defend themse...


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When first contact was made with the Dominion, Starfleet knew that it would only be a matter of time before they would have to defend themselves against the Dominion. With the destruction of the U.S.S Odyssey by the Jem'Hadar, Starfleet began a massive fleetwide refit/upgrade program, to give all ships currently in service an added boost in their combat capabilities, but some in Starfleet felt that this measure wouldn't be enough.

Fearing that the efforts currently underway would not be enough to stand against a Jem'Hadar threat, Starfleet Command began looking into the possibility of reactivating the mothball fleet, and refitting them with current technology, inside and out, if the situation should arise where ships would be desperately needed. To test the feasability of bringing old ships back into full service, Starfleet selected an old Akula-Class starship to become a testbed for new technologies which will hopefully provide a viable means for reactivating and recommissioning old ships if the need should arise.

The U.S.S. Bellerophon left spacedock 2 months before the official start of the Dominion War, and saw immediate action. Although problems with the new systems popped up, they were quickly dealt with, and Starfleet considered the Bellerophon a success, and issued a fleetwide reactivation order for all mothball ships. Although the Bellerophon was a success, and although there were plenty of mothballed Akula hulls, Starfleet ordered only a dozen more Akulas to be refitted. It was felt that the refitted Akulas couldn't provide the firepower necessary on the frontlines, and larger mothballed ships were selected instead.

The systems developed for the Bellerophon were the basis for the technology that went into refitting the old Constitution-Class, beginning with the U.S.S. Valiant. At the end of the war, of the 13 Akulas that were reactivated, only one was severely damaged in battle enough to be considered a loss, and the remaining Akulas continue to serve in the fleet, proving not only their worth, but their undying strength.

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TNG Akula Refit - U.S.S. Bellerophon

Ship Name: U.S.S. Bellerophon - 24th Century Akula Refit - Dominion War Refit

Ship Class: Destroyer

Race: Federation

Date Completed: 05/14/2005

Original model and textures done by Wicked Zombie45 of Demon Renegade Studios.   Contact:

Kitbash of model, story background, ship registries, rehardpointing, spec creation done by F9thDaihak.  contact:

Pylon and weapons pod retextures done by Wicked Zombie45.

Top saucer texture modifications done by Wicked Zombie45 and F9thDaihak.

Kitbash done and released with permission from Wicked Zombie45.

Please refer to original ReadMe file for additional information.  All conditions concerning the use and distribution of this ship are subject to the original author's guidelines.


This ship was intended for use in a patched, unmodded version of SFC3, and has only been tested with the 534b patch.

I personally have no problems with this ship being converted to other versions of SFC, or even other games, but you must seek the approval of Wicked Zombie45 before such attempts are made.

If this ship is to be converted, this readme is to be included in its unaltered state, along with the readme for the original model/s, also in their unaltered state.

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