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Campaign Mode for SFC III



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This file has been fixed, the download link will now direct you to the proper download

Campaign Mode for SFC III

This is a simple campaign mod utilizing the conquest campaigns. The story takes place following the destruction of Unity Station and the rebuilding process following the Dominion War. The objective is to conquer the galaxy and restore order or disorder.

Playable races are cannon, however there are several hidden AI characters that may join or fight you to include the Gorn, Dominion, Species 8472, Cardassian and special characters such as Section 31 and the Tal Shiar. In addition to some of the cannon ships each race has new ship additions abilities and weaponry with ship descriptions that fit the story line I’ve created.

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Download '' (541.56MB)


This mod requires a fresh install of SFC III and the beta patch v534_b (all languages);28800

Drag the Assets and MetaAssets folder to the SFCIII program folder.  For those who are not familiar with the process:  right click on the SFCIII icon select “properties”.  Click “Find Target” drag both the Assets and MetaAssets file click “Yes to All” when prompted.  Your now ready to rock and roll.  

Note:  This is a single campaign mod and multiplayer and cannon missions have been disabled. Known bugs seem to appear with some of Pelican’s missions (probably since the ships I use do not match completely up with his scripts), however, they do work with each race (except “Emergency” which does not always have ships that show up when playing as the Borg).  If you get an “UnHandledException” error the game will prompt you an option to “debug” let it, the game will exit.  But it should correct the problem when restarting the game – least it has for me.  Any other suggestions or additions you think will make this mod even better please let me know or add it as a revision.  Just let me know so I can try it out.  No legal crap – game is too damn old for anyone to care anyway.  I take no credit for any copyrighted material except for the story line.  Model credits if know are included with each ship file in the Assets folder.  Other credit for textures, etc. that I can think of are provided in the Assets folder.

This is my first mod ever and would like to thank the SFC community and FileFront members for their assistance most notably Greenvalv and Yochenhsieh.


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