Campaign Mod for SFCIII add on



posture for all races (including pirate hexes) as game progresses.AI now has option to place listening posts and minor stations at will within your empire and/or you can accept AI delivering station and strategically place at will.AI will now have option to engage enemy bases or planets without joining your fleetPlayer has option to join and defend freighter convoy, planet or base that is being attacked (note you have to time it right. You need to be in the hex and engage the enemy before they attack your assets (otherwise you wont be able to join), sometimes your AI will join, sometimes they wont so be careful)AI will be generated preferably via bases or planetsthis will make it easier for you to push back enemy squads, armadas, etc., so they dont just spawn randomlywhich is stupid.Fixed: rank names for each race match rank profile.Fixed: First rank promotion now awarded prestige and prestige for each race increased.Fixed: Asteroids are now solidso be careful. (You can now tractor and slam enemies into them).Changed: Singularities and Nebulas have been changed for all scenarios to be more intense and solidso be careful (perfect for luring enemies).


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