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The U.S.S. Chabot left space dock in 2375, just after the end of the Dominion War. A bold experiment, the Chabot was based on the design of...


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The U.S.S. Chabot left space dock in 2375, just after the end of the Dominion War. A bold experiment, the Chabot was based on the design of the Excelsior, but built from the ground up with the latest in Federation technology. With the aging Excelsior-Class now being phased out of service, the Chabot-Class arrived just in time to begin filling the roles left behind by the retirement of its predecessor.

In service for several years, the Chabot-Class exceeded the hopes and expectations by all those in Starfleet who were involved in her development. Excelling in every single aspect of starship design, the Chabot-Class was easily a match for any enemy ship of comparable size, and could hold its own against larger sized ships as well.

After the events which took place in 2379 concerning the battle between Capt. Jean-Luc Picard and the Enterprise against Praetor Shinzon of Remus and the Scimitar, Starfleet Command feared that there was a small fleet of Reman starships which could strike at any time.

With this very real threat, Starfleet ordered an emergency refit of all starships currently in service to expand their combat capabilities as much as possible. For the Chabot-Class, this meant that refits barely coming off the drawing boards for the class were rushed into production, and the U.S.S. Chabot herself was called back into space dock for immediate refit.

After her shakedown cruise in 2380, there were no visible problems with the new systems installed, and all Chabot-Class starships were ordered to undergo the refit, and all ships currently under construction were built to the up rated design.

This refit of the Chabot-Class boasts more power for all systems, faster cruising speeds at both impulse and warp, improved maneuverability, the new 3rd generation Bio Neural Circuitry computer systems, enhanced shields, and advanced sensor systems, more accurate tactical systems, as well as enhanced crew facilities.

The Chabot Refit still exceeds the hopes and expectations of all engineers in Starfleet, and is expected to stay in service as long as the Excelsior-Class did, if not longer.

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Post Nemesis, Chabot Class, Mark 2 Refit

Ship Name: U.S.S. Chabot - Chabot Class, Mark 2 Refit

Ship Class: Heavy Battlecruiser

Race: Federation

Date Completed: 

Original Chabot-Class ship and concept done by Nannerslug,Atheorhaven.

Original models and textures done by Wicked Zombie45, P81, Knox1710, Redragon, and GAFY.

Kitbash of model, story background, SFC2/OP hardpoint and break model, SFC3 hardpoint/damagepoint/break model/specs done by Centurus, formerly Daihak.  contact:

Retexture work done by GAFY? (GotAFarmYet?).

Phaser arrays done by Cpt. Hooker of the BC Community.

Remapping/texture corrections done by Centurus, Cpt. Hooker, GAFY?, ModelsPlease, and WickedZombie45.

Basher's Comments:

This ship has been a labor of love, and I give special thanks to all those involved : 

Without GAFY?'s skills, this ship wouldn't look as good as she does now.

Without Cpt. Hooker's dedicated work on the phaser arrays, this ship could never be truly complete.

ModelsPlease and Fallen_Warrior who have stood beside me throughout this project, and without their support and advice, I couldn't have finished this ship.

WZ's contributions in correcting the engine mapping problem are greatly appreciated.  Without his help, this ship would probably never get finished.

Models Used:

1.) Replaced the saucer with that of the Enterprise B/Lakota saucer from GAFY's Excelsior.
2.) Replaced the warp engines with those of Red Dragon's Sovereign-Class.
3.) Replaced the entire secondary hull with WZ's Sorcerer's secondary hull.
4.) Bashed in two rescaled copies of the shuttlebay from WZ's Firestorm-Class.
5.) Original, custom made phaser arrays by Cpt. Hooker.
6.) Used P81 XCA pylons and neck.


This ship has only been tested in a stock install of SFC3, with the 534b patch.  

If this ship is to be ported to other games, or be used in any SFC mod, please send notice to

All textures currently included with this ship are intended to be used with this ship only.  Any intentions to use these textures 
for another ship, or any intentions to alter these textures in anyway, must be given permission from Centurus or Outalance Shipyards. (

All readme files, including this one, must remain with the ship at all times, in their unaltered states.

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