Cloaking USS Enterprised-D

What the title is labled Cloaking USS Enterprised-D


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What the title is labled Cloaking USS Enterprised-D

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To install this vessel to you starfleet command 3 directory, select next and choose the directory you wish to install it. The default is C:\Program Files\Activision\Sfc3\Assets\Models\U.S.S Enterprise-D

*note do not remove the last name (U.S.S Enterprise-D) from the installation directory. If you do you can't play with this model.

For activating this model you must open Assets\Models\U.S.S Enterprise-D and look in the Spec.txt there you see what you must do to activate the weapons and shielding.

Now if you want to know why I have made this model, play the game and select the U.S.S Enterprise-D model and you can read the text in the top of the screen.  

Michel Neder - Only I put the name of the Enterprise on it.

All thanks and credits to the original maker:
Activision - for making the Galaxy Class.

For any questions or bug's please report it and send an e-mail to

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