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This is my first mod/addon, it allows romulans to use pulse disruptors and klingons to have beam disruptors. It also gives romulans photon torpedoes, and enables type V and VF disruptors to be used in refits, plus XIII and XIIIF phasers.



-----------Disruptor addon-------------

This is the disruptor addon for sfcIII by DT Matt. this willl make beam disruptors available to
Klingons, and Pulse available to romulans. (eg Neghvars and Vorchas are armed with beam weapons as well as pulse)
(Warbirds often have pulse cannons)

It will also make photon torpedoes aavailable to Romulans, plus enabling type V and VF disruptors available for refit
for Romulans and Klingons, and type XIII and XIIIF phasers available for federation.

Installation: simply extract the 'weaponitems.gf' file and put it in a temporary folder.
open the sfcIII folder, then go to 'assets' then 'commonSettings'.

(eg C://programfiles/Activision/SfcIII/assets/commonsettings)

(If you wish to make a backup copy the 'weaponitems.gf' file to wherever you want.)

then simply copy and paste the new file into the commonsettings folder, overwriting the previous file.

Them simply load up a romulan or klingon game!


Known Bugs:


This mod is not supported by Activision or Taldren, and I am not responsible for any loss or damage caused from using this file.

I do not mind if you use this files in your own mod or edit it for the same reason, as long as you give me credit for this file.

By <-=DT=-> Matt

you can email me at [email protected]

or vist the dt site at www.freewebs.com/darktrilogy

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