Dominion Battleship

Dominion Battleship

In 2374, the Federation heavy escort Valiant, under the command of Starfleet Cadet Tim Watters, attempted to attack a...


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Dominion Battleship

In 2374, the Federation heavy escort Valiant, under the command of Starfleet Cadet Tim Watters, attempted to attack and destroy a massive Dominion Capital ship. Jake Sisko, who, through an odd set of circumstances found himself aboard this ship crewed by raw cadets behind enemy lines, commented that this Jem'Hadar Battleship was "twice as big" as a Galaxy Class Explorer. This makes the Dominion Battleship at least eight times as massive as the Enterprise D and bigger and more massive than a Romulan D'Deridex Class Warbird. Jem'Hadar Super Battleships vessels employ ion impulse propulsion, ventral impellers and polaron beam weapons. Despite their power, they are slower at warp and less agile at impulse than their Federation counterparts. (The same, unfortunately cannot be said for the very-agile-at-impulse Jem'Hadar Attack fighters.)

The Valiant's attack failed and the vessel was destroyed with only three survivors.

In combat strength, the Dominion Battleship is, by itself, at least 50 percent more powerful than a Negh'Var Battleship or a Sovereign Class Dreadnought. The Dominion Battleship also carries a wing (perhaps as many as 36) fully-equipped Jem-Hadar Attack fighters. In all, these fighters more than double the offensive punch of the Dominion Battleship. Starfleet Intelligence recommends that no Federation commander under any circumstances should attempt to attack this ship without additional fire support.

Starfleet is uncertain as to how many of these vessels exist in the Dominion Order of Battle. Section 31 estimates that there are at least 25 of these Battleships in the Jem'Hadar inventory. Starfleet Command has given these vessels high target priority, but only when adequate firepower can be brought to bear against them.

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Specs included.

Use a spreadsheet program to copy and paste the specs into your defaultcore.txt and default loadout.txt files.  

This ship will show up in the Romulan section.

High Polygon 24-bit Jem'Hadar Super Battleship version 9.0

Date		:11/8/2000  (SFC3 Conversion by Chris Jones)
Author		:Maggot
Credits		:Model Design: Maggot
		 Textures: Maggot based on illustrations from Star Trek the Magazine
		 Break Model and Illumination: Dark Drone
		 Other Credits:  Adam Heinbuch's "SapphireEclipse Productions" Homepage; Star Trek: The Magazine; Noah "Oneshot" Wallace for his terrific AVI UView tutorial.  Dark Drone for illumination and breaking.  Rick "Pneumonic81" Knox for hosting the Utopia Planitia website and teaching me Max and Photoshop.  Wicked Zombie for teaching me Lightwave booleans.

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