Dominion Wars v4.7 Beta 1.0 Released for Testing

Dominion Wars v4.7 Beta Testing Information


1:- Uninstall SFC3 completely, deleting the folder itself. 2:- Re-install...


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Dominion Wars v4.7 Beta Testing Information


1:- Uninstall SFC3 completely, deleting the folder itself. 2:- Re-install SFC3 3:- Download and apply the Build 534 Patch (the latest one) 4:- Download and install DW47.exe 5:- At the end of the installation, you'll see a dos window pop up, this is the mod installing the the Damage Textures, it usually takes a minute or so to complete.


Beta Notes

A lot of this stuff will seem completely new to most of you. To the few old school DW players, you'll recognise how I've set out the primary weapons. And that's the first thing to note, all the Weapon types are very different from each other. Balance should still be there, but they are individual. All races have available 2 types of Primaries, one is stronger than the other. (The Fed Phasers are technically their weaker Primary, but still very good, that's because their strong primary is not as good as others, the Pulse Phaser)

You'll also notice a distinct lack of Heavy Weapons. No more than 4 to a ship, except for special ships. But Heavies are VERY powerful.

Romulans must note that they have only one Plasma on their ships, they can't refit it. But Plasma is incredibly powerful. (hopefully not too powerful!!)

Outside of that, the best heavy is the Quantum Torpedo.

Every ship comes with an Anti-Matter Minelayer, that's because the ordinary Mine is useless in the mod. the Anti-Matter is the exact opposite of useless!! Don't bother trying to remove it to get an extra heavy spot - it has 0 direction in it's arc.

Ship Classes

Any ship marked (SP) is a Special ship, it has extra mass and is deliberately better than the other ships. There are 10 for each race (8 at the moment for the Rommies, they have 2 more to be added this week). Some are very special, like Torpedo Cruisers, others are just improvements on the standard for their class.

The name of a ship describes what the ships Refit is likely to be like. If it says "Fek'lhr Class Armoured Attack Cruiser" - expect a high rating in HullMass & probably weapons mass. With less Shields.

Shields, Armour & Hull - And of course, SizeClass

Shields are the best defense on the game, let me make that clear. They are stronger than all other types of Defense, 4xMax Shields = 8000 strength. Max Armour + a BB's Hull = 9000 Strength. You do the math!!

SizeClass is high with big ships, you'll find that BCH's and DN's make the better PvP ships, while BB's usually require an escort of some kind due to the lack of speed. (they can take a pounding though)

Speed & Maneouvrability

One of the most important things for this mod is to get the Speed & Maneouvrability back on to a more realistic level. It's been off the scale in the past few releases, I want that fixing in this mod. Any ship that can do Speed 100 without stripping off too much, I want to know about it. Same with uber maneouvrability, I want to know about it. Standard non-Fast ships should do between 40 & 75 Speed, and between 1.0 & 3.0 Maneouvrability. Ships marked "Fast" should do a little better than that.

I especially want to know the effects of "shield stripping".

What I need you guys to do for me

Basically, the mod comes without any ship loadouts, you'll have to do them yourself. What I want people to do for me, is to refit a ship using as much mass as they possibly can. 95%+ loadouts. Save them in a CustomLoadOut and send them to me. And I need all of the player ships done before the end of this week.

Secondly, the obvious thing, balance testing. I haven't had time to beta test any of the ship setups, though I have balance tested the weapons a little bit. Some of them may be out of whack, let me know if there are issues with any of the ship loadouts.


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Download 'dw47.exe' (174.79MB)

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