Federation Bird of Prey

Interstellar Machine Shipyards build this Bird of Prey to help counter the Swarms of Jem Hadar "Bug Ships" during the Dominion war. She ne...


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Interstellar Machine Shipyards build this Bird of Prey to help counter the Swarms of Jem Hadar "Bug Ships" during the Dominion war. She never saw battle during the Dominion war due to design problems. After 4 years in a state of construction, it wasnt untill OutaLance Shipyards Aquired the Designs and Prototype. The design flaws were removed and she was refitted to hold the latest technology. The Class can offen be found as defence ships for new outposts.

Alternate textures and original source mesh (.ms3d format) are included

model and textures by Interstellar Machine

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Download 'fbop.rar' (958KB)

Interstellar Machines and OutaLance Shipyards Presents

Federation Bird of Prey V1.0
Mesh by:	Interstellar Machine
Textures by:	Interstellar Machine
Hardpoints by:	Interstellar Machine
Specs by:	Interstellar Machine
Released by:	Fallen_Warrior
Date:		08/03/06
. source files and alternate textures included!

. As Interstellar Machine is concentrating on working on his own universe he has donated his released and unleased work to OutaLance. As such you are free to use this model in Public models as long as credit is given i.e allowing this read me to remain in the model folder. You are also allowed to kitbash, re texture and release your alterations(again the same permission is allowed if this readme is kept in with model)

. Please inform OutaLance Shipyards on inclusion or use of this model as its nice to see what other people are coming up with.


Original Readme:

You may use this ship in your mod, or kitbash it or what ever. You only need to let me know if you come up with something really good so that I can have fun with it too!

Unzip the zip file into a folder by the same name as the ship model in the model Directory.   Copy the CustomLoadOut.txt file into the specs folder. This will erase any custom ships made in game. If you currently have a CustomLoadOut.txt file, make a backup.
If you have any questions or comments, my e-mail is interstellarmachine@hotmail.com

Installing this addon is a function of your own risk. If it messes up the game, I will take no responsibility, such are the perils of modding.

Interstellar Machine Corporation wants you to know that we have committed our lives to Jesus. You see He made everything there is, including us. He loves us. But, there's a problem. The wrong we've done separates us from Him and condemns us to death and hell. The bad news is there's no good things we can do to be right with Him again. But, The good news is that He loves us anyway and died in our place for those things that we deserved to die for. Because of His power, He was able to overcome death and live again. We can share eternity and a close friendship with Him forever if we'll only accept and trust in Him to rescue us and allow him to guide our lives. If you want to know more please email interstellarmachine@hotmail.com

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