finnigan ship

hear is a nother ship. looks good


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hear is a nother ship. looks good

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This is my first public ship. Its pretty much, well, you tell me...
Use the Specs in the "Finnigan Specs" file.
Put the Finnigan folder in your sfc3/assets/models folder.
Open your Defaultcore.txt in the sfc3/assets/specs folder, and paste the lines from the Finnigan
Specs file either between 2, or at the bottom.
Go to your Defaultloadout.txt in the same folder and paste the other line from the Finnigan Specs file.
(complicated, eh? ;)
Your done!
Send all questions, comments, concerns, etc. to
PS: I don't know why I made this ship the way it is, I was just bored. I also can't help you
if you have problems, sorry.

PPS: I can't be held responsible if this messes up your computer in ANY way.

Tested On SFCIII only, not sure if its compatable with the other ones...

Known Bugs:
The Picture in the Vessel Library may be a bit, strange, I don't know how to put it... Just look and see. It won't affect the game, though, so don't worry.
If you want a new "BeautyShot" then e-mail me, I'll see what I can do.

Construction: Ratman (Hey thats me!)
Design: Ratman
Etc.: Ratman

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