Generations at war v1.5

This is the latest version of the popular mod generations at war for sfc3 this is a single installer and does not require any other version...


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This is the latest version of the popular mod generations at war for sfc3 this is a single installer and does not require any other version before it. You will need the beta patch bulid 531 sinlgle version inc 500 which can be found on

Please note all changes are in reference from 1.0:

1) Cardassian stations with no weapons - fixed. 2) Breen do not have cloak. Cloak added to FF, DD and CL per cannon. 3) Breen use disruptors per cannon - fixed. 4) Jem'Hdar BCH/BB arcs too restrictive - fixed. 5) Fast firing weapons were too strong - fixed. 6) Upper shielding does not reflect TNG feel - fixed. 7) Klingons need more armor - fixed. 8) Ship Sizes were not correct - fixed. Ship sizes now reflect their accurate size. Klingons recieved a 5 point bonus for each ship class. 9) Klingon Ships are too under powered (warps 7-9) - fixed. Each class recieved at least 5 extra power. 10) D4,D5,D24, C16, C19, C5, D50 arcs wrong - Fixed. 11) D6 has no space for cloak option - Fixed. 12) C16/C19 were in consistent with historical design and references - F3) D7W left, aft arc causes crashes - Fixed. 13) D5 comes with no cloak - Fixed. 14) Nebula arcs were inconsisent with Galaxy/saucer layout - Fixed 15) Nebula hardpoints did not reflect BCH status - fixed. 16) Breen DN reduced too much (from 1.03) - fixed. 17) Common setting Float errors - Fixed. 18) Breen BCH with engine space of BB - Fixed. 19) All races recieved at least a 1.0 shield efficiency boost. Federation recieves 1.5 efficiecny boost. 20) K-Photon is too weak - fixed. Now does SFC2 disruptor damage 2/5. 21) F-Photon does not reflect SFC2 Phot. Now does 2/8 (4/8 over 2 turns). 22) Lord Bishop too powerful - Fixed. Weapons reduced, 2 hard points removed and exchanged for 2x 360 arcs. 23) BassMaster has too much engine space - Fixed. 24) BassMaster Arcs change to reflect TNG feel. 25) L24 has glow issues - Fixed. 26) Dominion Upgrade Armor - Fixed. 27) Dominion Upgrade Shield Efficiency - Fixed. 28) Dominion Upgrade Shelds - Fixed. 29) Dominion Upgrade Thrusters - Fixed. 30) Dominion Upgrade Impulse Engines - Fixed. 31) Klingon Health Impulse Engines - Fixed. 32) Klingon upper cloak mass increased. 33) Klingon/Romulan Cost changed to reflect racial diversity - fixed. 34) Federation anticloak improved to meet racial diversity - fixed 35) Dominion anticloak brought in line with other races (too high) - fixed. 36) Gravimetric Torpedoe Charge cost too high - Fixed. 37) Shield Inversion Beam Charge cost too high - Fixed. 38) Shield Inversion Beam damage replicates PPD - Fixed. 39) Vorcha is an uber ship - Fixed. 40) Freedom,Bass Master, Cheyenne, Springfield, Challenger and Galaxy class arcs - Fixed. 41) K23, D16, D17, D3, D4, D5, L9, D6, D7, D7L, D7w, K'T'Inga, D21, Feklhr, D10, D24, K'vek, C16, C19, C28, C6, C7, L24, C9, arcs changed to reflect SFC2 layouts. 42) Vol'Deh replaced by KitBashed Wicked Zombie C9 (AKA C16). 43) C19 replaced by KitBashed Wicked Zombie C9 (AKA C16). 44) C9 replaced by Wicked Zombie C9. 45) B11k replaced by Wicked Zombie B11k. 46) Pirate Frigate glows fixed 47) Pirate Light Cruiser Glows fixed. 48) Chabot Class BCH model updated. 49) Prince of Wales class CA model updated. 50) Dorsettshre DD mode updated. 51) D38 Model updated. 52) Vorcha Model updated. 53) Gravimeteric Torpeedos does the same damage as a qtorp with only 200 mass - fixed - now is 250 (similar to SIB/PPD). 54) Added Meta_Hail_Convoy fix - Dave Ferrell 55) Added Meta_DistressCall fix - Dave Ferrel 56) Added Meta_Scan fix - Dave Ferrell 57) Added Meta_Borg invasion script - Dave Ferrell 58) Added Mul_Wolf359 script - Dave Ferrell (historically accurate script) 59) Added Mul_Battlefests script - Dave Ferrell (this allows the Dominion Axis to participate). 60) Added Kar_Skirmish script - Karnak 61) Added Kar_FleetAction script - Karnak 62) Added Kar_SquadronAction script - Karnak 63) Added Kar_CombinedArms script - Karnak 64) Added Kar_ConvoyEscort script - Karnak 65) Added Kar_ConvoyRaid script - Karnak 66) Added Kar_CounterPunch script - Karnak 67) Added Kar_JointOps script - Karnak 68) Added Kar_HomelandDefence script - Karnak 69) Added Kar_EnemySweep script - Karnak 70) Added Kar_DeepSpace script - Karnak 71) Added Kar_HoldtheLine script - Karnak 72) Added Kar_Ambushee script - Karnak 73) Added Meta_WarGames script - Pelican 74) Added Meta_TNZ script - Pelican 75) Added Meta_Badlands script - Pelican 76) Added Meta_Survey script - Pelican 77) Added Meta_SpyGames script - Pelican 78) Added Meta_Hail_WarGames script - Pelican 79) Added Meta_Espionage script - Pelican 80) New Orleans class recieves 4 torpedoe tube. 81) Prometheus class recieves aft torpedoe tube. 82) Added Federation Chimera Class Frigate. 83) Added Federation Okinawa Class Light Cruiser. 84) Renamed Constitution Refit to Enterprise Class. 85) Added Federation Constitution Refit Class. 86) Added Federation Constitution Command Cruiser Class. 87) Added Klingon D-7B Class. 88) Added Klingon D-7C class. 89) Added Klingon D-7K Class. 90) Melak replaces Phoenix. 91) Phoenix replaces Condor. 92) Added Invicible Class Heavy Cruiser. 93) Added Andor Class Heavy Cruiser. 94) D-5 TOS model added (D5, D5k,L ships) 95) Old D-5 model now becomes D5C,W model - those ships added. 96) C-8 Klingon Dreadnaught Added. 97) Intrepid Class changes. Phasers 6+7 moved to forward slots. Phaser Slot 8 moved to aft. 98) Constellation model upgraded. 99) Fixed TOS Akula Model 100) Added new Prince of Wales class vessel. Using older vessel for Excalibur Class. 101) Lexington Class Heavy Command Cruiser Added. 102) Added Andromedan Heavy Cruiser. 103) Added Andromedan Dreadnaught. 104) Added Romulan Heavy Cruisers: KR, KRB, KRC, K7R. 105) Added Romulan Light Cruiser KDR. 106) Changed Romulan Type K cruiser to K7R Refit. 107) Replaced Chandley model with Destiny Calling Chandley. 108) Tholian Light Cruiser added. 109) Tholian Heavy Cruiser added. 110) Tholian Dreadnaught added. 111) Kearsage NCL added. 112) Chicago NCA added. 113) Curry class light cruiser added. 114) Ragin Queen class light cruiser added. 115) Improved Akula Class added. 116) Kessok Heavy Cruiser added (Dominion Axis). 117) Kessok Light Cruiser added (Dominion Axis). 118) Cheyenne Hydran New Heavy Cruiser added. 119) Avenger Class New Command Cruiser added (Federation). 120) Cobra Commando Cruiser added (Dominion Axis). 121) ISC Commando Cruiser added (Dominion Axis). 122) Panther Commando Cruiser added (Dominion Axis). 123) Boa Heavy Destroyer added (Dominion Axis). 124) Coral Medium Command Cruiser added (Dominion Axis). 125) Count Hydran Destroyer Command vessel added (Federation). 126) D-7G Commando Cruiser added (Klingon Empire). 127) D-7F Fast Cruiser added (Klingon Empire). 128) D-5G Commando Cruiser added (Klingon Empire). 129) D-6G Commando Cruiser added (Klingon Empire). 130) ISC Early Dreadnaught added (Dominion Axis). 131) Wolverine Fast Cruiser added (Federation). 132) Sky Hawk Destroyer added (Romulan Empire). 133) Sky Hawk Scout added (Romulan Empire). 134) Sky Hawk Command Destroyer added (Romulan). 135) ISC War Destroyer added (Dominion Axis). 136) KR Commando Cruiser added (Romulan Empire). 137) Mirak Command Cruiser added (Klingon Empire). 138) Scout Eagle added (Romulan Empire). 139) Tiger Command Cruiser added (Dominion Axis). 140) Tiger Fast Cruiser added (Dominion Axis). 141) Sparrow Hawk Scout Cruiser added (Romulan Empire). 142) Sparrow Hawk Commando Transport added (Romulan Empire). 143) Sparrow Hawk Command Cruiser added (Romulan Empire). 144) Added Tholian Frieghter. 145) Added Tholian Starbase, Base station and Battle Station. 146) Added Tholian Heavy Battle Cruiser. 147) Added Tholian Frigate. 148) Added Tholian Destroyer. 149) Added Yeager Light Cruiser (Federation). 150) Dominion Ambient sound changed to reflect engine sound as a pose to silence. 151) Shuttles added back in for normal play. Player has option for no shuttle use. 152) Breen DN moved to Battle Ship spot/changed to battles ship. 153) Transporter flavors now vary with health. Cost reflect the level of health. 154) Significantly increased armor for each race for levels 4 and 5 for a more "TNG" feel.

Ships included in v1.5:


Davids Okinawa Saladin Oberth Freedom Saber Aquino Akula Akula Refit Improved Akula Centaur Norway Nova Kearsage Chicago Dorsetshire Durrett Miranda Avenger Chandley Curry Raging Queen New Orleans Challenger Springfield Cheyenne Defiant Steamrunner Chimera Intrepid Yeager Sea Wolf Constitution Constitution Refit Constitution Command Cruiser Enterprise Belknap Wolverine Invincible Andor Excalibur Prince of Wales Lexington Constellation Niagara Akira Excelsior Bismark New Jersey Lakota Chabot Ambassador Prometheus Nebula Federation Ulysses Odysseuss Galaxy Sovereign Armada Excalibur SCS Hunter Knight Count Apache Ranger Lord Bishop Paladin


F-5 F-5B Bird of Prey K-23 K-30 K-26 N'Goth K'Vort D-3 D-4 D-16 D-17 L-9 D-5 D-5G D-5K D-5C D-5L D-5W D-6 D-6G D-21 D-38 D-7 D-7B D-7C D-7G D-7L D-7F K'Tinga D-7W D-10 D-32 Stronger Bird D-24 Fek'lhr C-6 C-7 C-16 Vor'cha D-50 K'vek C-28 C-8 C-5 SuvwI'QeH C-9 C-19 Negh'var C-25L Volkoth L-24 B-11k B-22 Bird of Death Mirak Frigate Mirak Destroyer Mirak Light Cruiser Mirak Heavy Cruiser Mirak Command Cruiser Mirak Battlecruiser Mirak Dreadnaught


Snipe Scout Eagle Sea Hawk Romulan Bird of Prey Caracara Talon V'Dan Battle Hawk Sky Hawk Sky Hawk Scout Sky Hawk Command Destroyer Bright One Kestrel Falcon Thrush KDR Gallant Wing Whitewind Sparrow Hawk Sparrow Hawk Commando Transport Sparrow Hawk Scout Cruiser Sparrow Hawk J Sparrow Hawk Command Cruiser Wren Shrike Nierrh War Eagle King Eagle KR KR Commando Cruiser KR Refit KR Command Cruiser K7R K7R Refit Winged Defender Firehawk Griffin

Heron Osprey Sea Raptor Hawk Raven Killer Hawk Type K Battlecruiser Melak Predator Raptor Reman Battlecruiser King Vulture Z-1 Nova Condor Warbird Valdore King Condor Scimitar

Dominion Axis:

Netel Cheetah Viper ISC Frigate Breen Frigate Hideki Sartan Jem'Hadar Fighter Breen Destroyer ISC Destroyer ISC War Destroyer Legate Vasad Kimal Leopard Boa Reptilicon Panther Commando Cruiser Panther Breen Light Cruiser Lakat Rasilak Kessok Light Cruiser Coral ISC Commando Cruiser ISC Medium Cruiser ISC Heavy Cruiser Tiger Tiger Fast Cruiser Tiger Command Cruiser Veracidor Cobra Commando Cruiser King Cobra Breen Heavy Cruiser Galor Janissary Jem'Hadar Cruiser Kessok Heavy Cruiser Kulinor Dragon Breen Heavy Battlecruiser Jem'Hadar Battlecruiser Brinok Keldon Lion ISC Early Dreadnaught ISC Dreadnaught Komodo Dragon Breen Battleship Jem'Hadar Battleship

Borg and Andromedans (NPC):

Borg Shuttle Pyramid Pyramid Prime Diamond Diamond Prime Sphere Sphere Prime Cube Andromedan Intruder Andromedan Dominator

Tholians (NPC):

Tholian Frigate Tholian Destroyer Tholian Light Cruiser Tholian Heavy Cruiser Tholian Heavy Battle Cruiser Tholian Dreadnaught

Rekelli and Pirates (NPC):

Pirate Frigate Rakellian Attack Pirate Cruiser Rakellian Light Cruiser Pirate Defense Platform

Ferengi Alliance (NPC):


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