Hardpoint Editor

The best program for editing or creating ships hard points easily.


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The best program for editing or creating ships hard points easily.

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Download 'hardpoint_editor.rar' (897KB)

SFC3 Util5 v1.0
All art and programing by: Xander F (dderidex@msn.com)
Special thanks to:
	Taldren (for a kick ass game that's easy to mod!)
And, the very helpful beta testers:
	(from the sfc3.net forums)
	Chris Jones		admiral_ames
	NannerSlug		Lord Vader
	Lt. Cmdr Worf	Anduril

Just unzip the files into the same folder, and you should be good to go.

Note that when you 'save', it overwrites the currently opened file.  Don't worry, it backs it up with a '.001', '.002', etc. extension.  The very first original file will be .001 and the last one backed up will be the highest number.

'Clear' clears the hardpoints
'Reset' resets them to their default positions (start positions if you don't have a model loaded, the default model positions if you do)
'Sticky' controls the snap to grid.  It has three settings - 'none', 'low', or 'high'
'Copy' copies the currently displays hardpoint locations to memory.  Once done, the button changes to 'paste'.
'Paste' copies the hardpoint locations stored in memory over the currently select hardpoint spots.  Note that if you don't like the look, you can always use 'reset' or 'clear' to put them back.  After pasting, the button changes back to 'copy'.  (As a result, you can only paste once per copy.)

The rest of the buttons are self explanatory, I think.

Just click an icon, drag it where you want it, click again to drop it.

Note that clicking and dragging anywhere but an icon or button will move the whole window.

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