In the early 21th century a sientist discovered an ancient artifact that enabled the user to travel through time and space, with this device...


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In the early 21th century a sientist discovered an ancient artifact that enabled the user to travel through time and space, with this device he researched technologies from the far future and the far streches of the universe. These advances gave him the possibility to design and build the most powerfull spaceship ever. and with this ship he now sails through time, silently assisting earth when in danger and looking for an even match.

Defaultcore and defaultloadoutlines can be found readme 2

Brilliant ship but you should beable to tell that form the images The Helios come equiped with 10 quantum topedos and 10 pasers XIIIF.

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Download 'helios.rar' (6.11MB)

for the defaultcore and defaultloadout, check the readme2 file

original mesh and textures of the nacelles and main hull->dreamyard (excalibur class)
Readme File:
Title : USS Excalibur
Filename : excalibur.zip
Version : 1.0
Date : 14/09/2002
Author : Sci-Fi DreamYards
Email : chisholm@terra.com.br

Model design : paramount
Textures : Cpt LC Amaral
Mesh : Cpt. LC Amaral
Build time : 20 days
SFC conversion : Darkdrone 


original mesh and textures of the saucer->Greg stone (hecate)
Readme File:
Title : Hecate
Filename : Hecate.zip
Version : 1.0
Date : 4-23-02
Author : Greg Strong AKA -L B-
Email : Lord_Bile@hotmail.com

model design : Paramount
textures : Greg Strong
mesh : Greg Strong
Build time : 2 days
SFC3 Conversion : DarkDrone
Damage,HP's,Glows : Chris Jones

Thanks to : Paramount, Rick Knox,Wicked Zombie, Raven

mod specs
mod : Yes 
break : no
LODs : no
Illumination : yes

Also Included


an original model created in 3D studio max and converted using MOD plugin

Technical Details
tested in SFC 2.0 OP
Not tested with Mplayer

Known Bugs

Steps to install

1. unzip directly into the \Assets\Models\ directory. it will create a folder called Hecate

For Modification:

1. open the sfbspc.txt file located in the Starfleet Command\Assets\Specs\ folder with MS Excel. 
a. From here you have two choices you can:
1. Replace the model geometry of one of the existing ships
with the following \Assets\Models\Hecate\Hecate.mod
b. Or :
1. you can insert the Hecate stats inbetween the existing row entries of the sfbspc.txt file.

<<CAUTION: This may cause some problems with the function of SFC, espically during 
Multiplayer and Single player campaigns>>

Copyright and Distribution Permissions

Copyright notices: 

Star Trek, Star Fleet Command, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures,
as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions. 

If you use this model in any Starleet Command project please include this file. 
If you make this file available at your website or anothers please include a link to

Please do not modify this file or the included texture with out seeking the authors opinion.
Nothing legal here, it is just polite. 


credits for kitbashing the whole thing together->me:{53rd}=Adm=Feanor (and mr_tricorder for helping we out with some small problems i had)


guys, if you read this, srry i used the parts of your ship without asking(i did try) i hereby apologise,
if you wish this ship to be deleted from this site, i will ask sfc3files for it's deletion(with pain in the hart though, cause i've worked hard on getting my fantasy ship in space)

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