House Ordos - Mercenaries and Corsairs



Our mod is a mod 100% compatible with the Klingon-Romulan-Federation single player campaign and the Borg campaign, but not with the "Maiden Voyage".

For each major race (Klingon, Romulan, Federation) we have added 2 "minor" races with their own starships, that is with their own hulls, strengths and weaknesses.

For each major race there are usually three kind of ship for each class: the "old" version (hull post TMP but before the TNG), the current version (TNG) and the advanced version (two versions: Nemesis and post-Nemesis). Example: the heavy cruisers of the Federation. The old one is the Excelsior class, the current one is the Akira / Surak class, the advanced one is the Neo Constitution / Seraph class. Beside the hulls the three kind of ships are different even in the inner capabilities: the "current" heavy cruiser is able to mount stronger shields than the "old" heavy cruiser; in turn the "advanced" heavy cruiser is able to mount stronger shields than the "current" one. But the "old" battlecruiser is able to mount stronger shields than the "advanced" heavy cruiser... The same for the remaining equipment: weapons, armour, warp core etc. The overall threat level can be thus summarized: Old_FF < Current_FF < Advanced_FF < Old_DD < Current_DD < Advanced_DD < ... < Old_BB < Current_BB < Advanced_BB

Now the heavy equipment is no more avaiable: the starships are something between the ST-SFC1/2 vessels (not customizable) and the default ST-SFC3 (fully customizable), or if you prefer: the starships are built around their heavy weapons, thus change them is not possible. But there are plenty of variations available, usually 4 or 5 for each hull.


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