House Ordos - True Space



This mod replace the old, stock textures of the space with new, true astronomical objects. Since many of these textures are fairly big if compared with the default ones, it would be a wise choice to use them only if the host computer is powerful enough. Anyway, as usual, make a backup of the original files. USE Use this mod if you are tired of the usual, low-res stock textures of Starfleet Command III INSTALLATION GUIDE Completely remove the content of the "Space" folder (you will find it in your SFC3 directory, assets\models) and then copy in it our files. CREDITS All the new files are from... http://hubblesite.org ...While all the other work is from GrebNedLog. Enjoy, Roma Atani, mentat of House Ordos P.S.: Use "House Ordos - TrueSpace" in conjunction with "House Ordos - Mercenaries & Corsairs": you won't regret it!


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