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The Klingon Accuser class, or 'pumwl', Dreadnought is the result of a need for the Klingons to have a centralized command and weapons platform during major engagements.

In the mid-23rd century a new Tholian vessel made its appearance known to the Klingon fleet by attacking outposts on the Klingon/Tholian border. After a number of engagements resulting in the loss of several critical Klingon warships, the Tholian vessel was destroyed. These battle statistics convinced the Klingon High Command that a new class of warship was needed along with new battle tactics.

Not long after the Tholian battle, the Jevghom Design Bureau submitted the designs for a new, massive ship which was later dubbed the 'pumwl', or Accuser because of several false accusations of collaboration between Jevghom and the Tholians.

The Accuser class Dreadnought is a shining example of Klingon engineering and warrior mentality, not only in sheer size and power, but in it's armor and weapons. Fourteen dual disrupter turrets provide a seemingly endless rate of fire across the entire hull, supplemented by a pair of photon torpedo launchers forward and aft mounted. Armor and shields are generally focused forward in typical Klingon fashion though the rear of the vessel is more than adequately protected.




Author: WickedZombie45

Demon Renegade Studios


Ship Name: I.K.V. Atrocity - Accuser Class

Notes: SFC 1, 2/OP, and SFC 3 versions are included. The sfc 1 and 2 models are in separate folders so if you wish to use them in their respective games, simply drop those into the ship's folder in place of the standard sfc3 version.
The brk (exploding model) mod file is compatible with all SFC versions.

Ship Class: K-DN

Race: Federation

Date: 9/4/2003

Contact info: [email protected]

Model made/edited using: Lightwave 5.6, 3d Studio Max 3.1, Paint Shop Pro 7, Uview, Taldren's .mod plugin

I have no problem with kitbashes/conversions as long as the following procedures are followed:

1.) Everyone involved with the kitbash/modification is to be credited. That includes the original model author(s), anyone involved with the design (if different from the modeler), and the person who created the alteration. This will set up a history of the modifications and give credit to all involved.

2.) If a ship is to be converted to another game (Bridge Commander, Armada, Klingon Academy, etc.) I have to be contacted first. I prefer being notified of ANY alterations to my work as most times the credits are not listed properly, the ships aren't converted correctly, etc.

3.) If the ship is to be released to the public, no parts from a restricted model are to be used. Some modelers don't want their work to be altered and I would expect everyone to respect that. If there is a part or parts that are restricted, I can possibly create a replacement for you to use.

4.) If the ship is to be released to the public, I would ask that you contact me first. This is to make sure you have the proper credits listed and to make sure no restricted parts are being used. On some occasions people have credited me for work that I have never seen before.

5.) All work on this site is property of the respective owners. If anyone attempts to steal or take credit for work they did not do, I will hunt you down and feed you to a pack of bloodthirsty wolves.

Are these following files/modifications included?

Model brks (exploding model)-yes
Hardpoints/damgae points-yes
Ship (mod) file-yes
SFC II illumination maps-yes
SFC 3 Compatable-yes

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(and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures, as are the
characters, related images, and sound from the productions.

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