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In the 2260s, a transporter accident caused 4 people to switch places with their counterparts in an alternate universe. Du...


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In the 2260s, a transporter accident caused 4 people to switch places with their counterparts in an alternate universe. During that time, the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise set events in motion that would eventually lead Spock and James T. Kirk of the I.S.S. Enterprise down the road that would make them mortal enemies.

After becoming emperor of the Terran Empire, James Kirk, now known as Emperor Tiberius, was betrayed by Spock. Secretly, Spock had been implementing reforms throughout the empire, to steer it away from its violent and evil nature to a more benevolent, prosperous future. Tiberius learned of these plots, and tried to kill Spock, but was unsuccessful. Spock left in exile, but not before obtaining the support of half the fleet commanders and several key systems within the empire.

Using advanced alien technology, Tiberius was able to reengineer himself and more than double his lifespan, and ensure his continued power over the part of the empire that remained loyal to him. Shortly after, the civil war began, with most alien species in the empire fighting under the command of Intendant Spock, and the majority of humans with some aliens fighting under the command of Emperor Tiberius.

It is now the dawn of the 24th century, and the Terran Empire is on the brink of collapse. The civil war has taken its toll on both sides, with millions of lives lost, star systems either destroyed or rendered worthless, and resources all around stretched to the limit.

With resources scarce, the empire had no choice but to continue to use its aging fleet of Constitution Class starships, and various other classes. Few new classes had been designed and built, but the development of these new and advanced ships only resulted in keeping the war at a standstill.

With ships constantly lost everyday, Emperor Tiberius ordered a drastic refit program to upgrade all older ships with the most advanced technology available, in the hopes of gaining an advantage in the war.

In 2313, the empire's top engineers began feverish work to further enhance the combat capabilities of the Constitution Class. Unfortunately, without having the time or resources to design all new systems, the engineers had to rely on the miniaturization of systems previously designed for larger classes of starships.

The engineers chose the I.S.S. Anubis to be the first starship to be refitted. The Anubis had been badly damaged at the Battle of Betazed, in where rebel forces fought to save the planet, but in the end, failed. Terran forces destroyed most of the escaping population, and destroyed the planet's ecosystem, but suffered heavy losses, including the emperor's flagship, the I.S.S. Enterprise.

Over the next 2 years, the Anubis underwent massive repairs and replacements of vital structural supports, and received a new saucer and impulse drive, and scaled down, yet modified, Ulysses Class warp engines.

In 2315, the Anubis left space dock, and was sent into immediate battle, in where she sustained minimal damage against 3 enemy cruisers. All remaining Constitutions left in the fleet were ordered to be refitted immediately, and all remaining ships were completed within a year.

In 2316, at Wolf 359, Emperor Tiberius took command of the Anubis and led the entire Starfleet in the final assault of the civil war against Intendant Spock. Both sides were wiped out. Intendant Spock went into hiding, and Emperor Tiberius disappeared without a trace. With no starships left on either side, the Klingon-Cardassian-Bajoran Alliance, Romulans, and Tholians took over all territory once under the flag of the empire with no resistance. Earth was destroyed.

In the wreckage of starships, the hull of the I.S.S. Anubis remained intact, but the ship was crippled. The Klingons took the ship as a trophy, and she remains entombed over Q'onoS, with the remains of the crew left aboard, some preserved by the vacuum of space.

**Story adapted from the Mirror Universe Trilogy by William Shatner**

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