Intrepid Class With Nacells Up



this is not the best model edit i have seen but it has character, if you like that sort of thing.

this makes the Intrepid class have nacells which are like voyagers when it is at warp, but this only lets u have them all the time no massive edit to make it just warp only.

the maker of this has put effot into it but well not that much to be honest but keep on going cos its good file but almost anyone could produce it with about 10 mins to spare, i know i can do it in less.



*make a backup of 'intrepid.mod' located at assets/models/intrepid and then replace that
file with the one supplied


used p81s intrepid 
mods to nacells done by me. lol

and thats bout it

[note] leave all of the other files in the intrepid folder alone... they dont get moved or changed.
just 'intrepid.mod'

have fun

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