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This is the patch that must be downloaded and installed after the [url="http://starfleetcommand3.filefront.com/file/Legions_at_War_mod;7199...


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This is the patch that must be downloaded and installed after the Legions at War mod has been installed.

The Legions at War is a dedicated mod that was developed and tested for 2 years for balance. This was done ship for ship class for class. So the balance is even more accurate than the balance patch that was made. For those of you that have never heard of the Legions at War mod, and are more then a bit curious about it, it is a next gen based mod with battleships for all races. Some ships are custom to the GFL (Galactic Foreign Legion) and are in no other mod. The Dynaverse is made at advance player settings and is very hard.

Rules are posted on the GFL Website, and these need to be read and agreed to. GFL has been running a server since 2/6/2006 and have had no issues, they run our servers till they end on thier own and do not support scanwars dyna's.

If you haven't seen the trailer showcasing this mod, download it here!

Refer to the readme for installation instructions.

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Download 'lawpatch3.5a.rar' (8.43MB)

Instructions are:

Download and install the full version. 
Then install patch. 
Once this is done click the law on swithc to activate the mod and youre ready to go.

If you install game other than default directory then install patch to an empty folder after installs are done then copy and paste the kar-convoyescort mission in to the sfc3/assets/scripts folder.
Once installs are done go into the sfc3/assetts/scripts folder and delete the allscriptscache file to refresh mission scripts. 
And then youre ready to go.

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