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This well help you make Models for SFC3.

Read the Read Me for more on this Item.


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This well help you make Models for SFC3.

Read the Read Me for more on this Item.

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ModelAttributeEditor and ReCacher are Copyright (c)  by Taldren, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Using the Model Attribute Editor
Note: All models in SFC3 should only have one level of detail and a seperate break-up model.

1)Models in SFC3 should be in a folder with the same name.  Ex. Sovereign.mod should be in 
a folder called Sovereign.

2)In the models folder create a .gf file (a simple ascii text file) with the name of the 
model.  Example Sovereign.mod requires a text file called

3)Run the Model Attribute Editor by double clicking on ModelAttributeEditor.exe

4)Load the model you wish to edit by Left-clicking on File then Load Mesh.  Find the .mod 
file you wish to edit and select it by double clicking.

5)You may manipulate the model by holding down the left mouse button and dragging the mouse 
cursor around the screen.

6)Use the + and - keys on the ten key pad to cycle through glow groups.

7)To add a glow to a group of polygons, hold down the shift key and Left-click on the 
poly(s) in question.  Add more polys by clicking more with the shift key held down.

8)You can change the color of that group, by pressing the Insert/Delete keys (Red), Home/End 
keys (Green), PageUp/PageDown keys (Blue).

9)The scale (strength) of the glow can be changed by holding down the control key and 
pressing the up arrow and the down arrow keys.

10)When you have finished with one group, press the +/- keys on the key pad to set the next 

11)When all the groups are finished, save them by Left-clicking on File then Save Attributes.


Using the ReCacher
Note: Mod files are saved out as .x files for use by SFC3.

1)Run the Recacher by double clicking on ReCacher.exe

2)Left-click on Actions then ReCache.

3)Select the directory of the .mod file(s) you would like to cache.  If you select a parent 
directory, all .mod files in the sub directories will be cached.

4)Close the program after ReCaching is finished.

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