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This is a Rick Knox Masterpiece. This was originally in the D2 Hi-res pack that was released a long time ago for SFC2 and OP. Someone on the...


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This is a Rick Knox Masterpiece. This was originally in the D2 Hi-res pack that was released a long time ago for SFC2 and OP. Someone on the Taldren Forum, Pestalence, posted there requesting an SFC3 conversion of it. I thought that since Rick has given me permission to post SFC3 versions of his models here, that I would do it. Here she is!

No specs included, but there is a hardpoint placement image in the model folder. Use this to create your own specs.

This is the ship seen in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, The Wrath of Khan, and the Search for Spock..

This from

By 2265 the early Constitutions where reaching twenty years of age, their designed life span. Starfleet had decided that they where becoming somewhat long in the tooth and was looking for a replacement class; however, such was the popularity of these ships that the Starfleet design bureau stated in an official memo that none of the contemplated new designs matched up to them and the best course of action was to simply rebuild the existing ships with the latest technology. Although Starfleet was not convinced at first, careful testing of the skeleton framework of several Constitution class ships revealed that the basic structure was more than capable of continuing in service, having withstood twenty years of hard use with ease.

The USS Enterprise was selected to be the first ship to undergo such a refit, and in 2269 she went into spacedock in Earth orbit for eighteen months of work. Never in Starfleet history has any vessel been so comprehensively updated - essentially a new vessel was built onto the bones of the old, replacing virtually every major system. The Enterprise was rushed out of Spacedock in 2271 to face the threat presented by the entity known as V'Ger, which was destroying everything in its path as it advanced towards Earth; she succeed in averting the danger and proceeded on her shakedown cruise.

SFC3 conversion by Chris Jones 4/22/03. Glows and Damage textures included. The mesh and textures are unaltered. I re-named the hardpoints on the model to match them up with the way SFC3 works.

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Download '' (4.01MB)

Unzip this directly into your assets/models folder.

When doing the specs, name this:

NCC-1701 Re-fit

A nice description will show up in the game. 

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