Near Distant Future

here is a nicely done mod that has ships stations an new races in it. it is a mod that is a must try mod so dont judge befor playing.



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here is a nicely done mod that has ships stations an new races in it. it is a mod that is a must try mod so dont judge befor playing.

story line Welcome to The Near Distant Future Mod! This Mod takes place 5-10 years in the future after the movie Nemesis. The Romulan Empire has broken off all relations with everyone and remains within its borders for seclusion. The Dominion War is over and a fragile peace ensues. The Cardassian government and homeworld, Cardassia Prime, is decimated and a large relief effort has been going on for years with no end in sight. The Federation and Klingon Empire are closer than ever.

Since the Shinzon incident, the Federation has been able to gain release from the treaty of Algeron and now have started developing their own cloaking technology with the aid of the Klingon Empire. The Borg have not entered the Alpha Quadrant in quite some time, and Admiral Janeway speculates that Species 8472 may be the reason for the Borg staying so quiet as of late, not to mention the fact the Borg transwarp conduits to the Alpha Quadrant were destroyed. Although Admiral Janeway was able to bring some powerful technology back with her, since Voyager's quarantined disappearance from Station McKinley we believe Section 31 confiscated the entire vessel and disappeared with it. Although we did gain the ability to replicate the Borg gravimetric torpedo; thanks to the Ferengi, now everyone in the Alpha Quadrant has the technology.

With the Alpha Quadrant rebuilding over the past few years it has been surprisingly quiet. Shipyards are at maximum capacity attempting to replace the enormous amount of ships that were lost. The most brilliant scientists from the Federation and Klingon Empire have been hard at work deciphering the borg wreckage left by Janeway upon returning home. New advances have been made in shield technology and ablative armoring thanks to the discarded Breen and Jem'Hadar Fleets left after the Dominion's surrender and their retreat to the Gamma Quadrant. With so many vessels and wreckage strewn throughout the quadrant from every race imaginable left from the war the Ferengi have been busy in the salvage and trade business. Starfleet wonders how much technology is out there that they are unaware of and who the Ferengi are selling it to. Although no contact has been made with the Dominion since the war, the Federation prepares for their return. With so many threats that could happen at any time many feel it is the calm before the storm.

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