Official Nemesis Add-On



This 11MB download contains an exclusive single player mission that allows the player to take the helm of the Scimitar, the formidable warship of Lord Shinzon. It also contains several pieces of exclusive concept art of various ships from the movie's actual designers, including the Scimitar, the Scorpion and the latest modifications to the Enterprise-E!

In "Star Trek Nemesis," the Scimitar is Shinzon's fearsome predator of a ship, and a special downloadable add-on pack with a mission, for Activision and Taldren's "Star Trek: Starfleet Command III," allows gamers to embark on a test-run of the mighty ship.

The add-on pack contains an exclusive single-player mission plus several pieces of exclusive concept art from the film (including detailed illustrations and wallpapers of the Scimitar and Scorpion ships from long-time Star Trek and "Nemesis" Illustrator John Eaves), as well as the latest modifications to the U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-E. (The add-on pack works only with "Star Trek: Starfleet Command III" and is not a stand-alone game.)

The premise of the mission is that gamers take on the task of a Romulan Commander, whose job is to test the Scimitar before Shinzon takes possession of the ship and the events of the movie unfold, making the mission something of a "prequel" to "Nemesis."

While testing all of the ship's systems, such as the warp drive, weapons, tractor beams, etc., the warp drive fails as pirates attack, transforming a simple test mission into a dangerous fight for survival.

Events in the mission take place on Stardate 56200.1, right before the events of the movie. "We actually have several very subtle tie-ins to the movie in the game itself, said Activision's Dan Hagerty, Associate Producer on the game. "When you're playing the Romulan campaign, your commanding officer refers to having to go meet with Senator Tal'aura, and big changes are in the wind. If you've seen the movie and you play the game, you'll pick up on them."

Adding a voice to the game is Patrick Steward, ("Jean-Luc Picard") along with some other familiar Star Trek talents, such as Vaughn Armstrong, Brock Peters and James Horan.

Hagerty and Activision got the jump on creating the mission by receiving a "Nemesis" script earlier in the year, and coordinated with Viacom Consumer Products to get advance images of the Scimitar.

Amidst the concept art from John Eaves included with the mission in the download is a selection of wallpapers showing the various ships from the film, plus a top-down view of the Scimitar and the Romulan Warbird Valdore and the Enterprise-E to scale, to give a sense of the immense size of the Scimitar. "It's much, much bigger than the Enterprise," Hagerty added.


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