Pongo Class Pack With Alternate Textures

Story of the Class is as Follows:

In the early stages of the Dominion War Starfleet predicted a Slow and Costly ground war. And required...


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Story of the Class is as Follows:

In the early stages of the Dominion War Starfleet predicted a Slow and Costly ground war. And required a large agile Heavy Cruiser, that could safey enter a Solar System that was under heavy enemy control and then manuver in a Plantary atmosphere, without any sheilds. For emergency beam out/ins using Close proximity transporters designed to beam though dampening fields and or shields at very close range.

The challenge was put forth to the various shipyard engineers, who had working Knowlage of "in the field ship operations" for a design that could take the punishment of Atmospheric flight while under attack from Jem Hader craft while still been able to hold large numbers of large transporter rooms, sick bays and Barrack areas and yet still keep enough weaponary for a ship its size and manuverablity of a ship half its size. Many new designs were thought of, and tested but all failed in the aspect of having a service life outside of the war when Starfleet would resume its Exploration and Scientific studies, which was deemed too costly and inefficient.

Starfleet decided a fresh look was needed and requested the assitance of OutaLance Shipyards of the NeirB'O System Near the Klingon/Federation boarder.

At OutaLance they handed the Project over to the Manitoba Commision who came up with the design using Elements from "Tried and Tested" Hull Shapes, the first ship of the design was a scaled down version of their design, which was flown down into the atmosphere of a J-Class Planet without shields to the point where a normal hull would be crushed. 5 ships where commisioned and delivered on time and were put straight to use.

When the Dominion War came to a close not one of the class had been destroyed and they became test beds for the application of the Regenerative Ablative Armour that Voyager brought back on its return from the Delta Quadrant and the "Alternate Future Federation Technology"

This Pack Contains Alternant textures for: U.S.S Pongo NCC-79546 U.S.S. Eliezer Emmanuel NCC-22404 U.S.S Cheyenne NCC-79189 Blank set for Custom Registires Suggested specs that work on 531 patch only, simply copy and paste entries into your DefaultLoadout and DefaultCore files

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Download 'pongo_class_alt_reg_pack.rar' (5.04MB)

Pongo (Phobos Subclass refit) V1.0 for SFC3
Created on 13/10/2004 
Kitbashed by Fallen_Warrior, Manitoba and Mackie
Textured by Fallen_Warrior
Crayons by Models Please,  Atheorhaven 
Hardpoints/glows by Manitoba
Model parts belonging to P81/Rick Knox
Sampled Textures by P81/Rick Knox, Kreegah
Time Taken 4 weeks from concept to completion
Registration Variants by Models please (Cheyenne, Emmanuel) and Atheorhaven (Pongo)

Break Mod: yes
Lightmaps: yes
Damagemaps: no
Glows:     yes
Tested:    yes
Specs: yes with 531
Blank textures for customised registries are included
SFC1,2/OP compatible: yes but will require modification

U.S.S. Eliezer Emmanuel

" The above is the name and birthdate of my 9 month old...."
                                                                                       - anthsco
Date      : November 3, 2004

if you wish to use any part of the this ship please contact me Fallen_Warrior at 
(i will contact others involved in project and original authours for permission of using their work)

If you wish to Include this ship in any Mod or uploading to other sites, Please ask me first (as i have to ask others). Please keep original read me in file, And do not reduce texture size i use large textures so that they can be enjoyed.

Copyright and Distribution Permissions

Copyright notices: 

Star Trek, Star Fleet Command, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Enterprise (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures,
as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions.

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