Project DarkStorm .v3



Project DarkStorm .v3 by darkdrone

I`ve been working on this project since Starfleet command 3 come out this is set of new ship class`s for The Borg too add more to the game

since i`ve always felt they was alot more ships needed for the borg side alot of these ships are my own ideas and feeling for the Borg and i have alot more ideas too try out too

Assimilator Class 1 Attack Class Defender Class Destroyer Class

FusionCube Class 1 HyperCube(beta) Class 1

TacticalCube Class 4 TacticalDefender Class 2 TacticalFusionCube Class 1 TacticalPyramid Class 1

Coretek Class Demtek Class Nanotek Class Rippertek Class Shimmertek Class

I plan on one more update of this mod to version 3.5 within few weeks adding new starbase and few new more ships also sorting out a bug with the Hypercube as you see its beta Right now as they is a Texture bug you need to zoom right out to fix this for now if using the ship.




All Meshs: Darkdrone
All Textures: Darkdrone

Designs : Startrek/Darkdrone

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