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This mod dedicated to Deborah Formo.

Special thanks to V1ctor1st, Katherine & Nicola Venra over at http://www.stcd.sgnonline.com/ for hosting this mod as well as forum hosting.

Title : Rise of Kingdoms II Version: 2.0 for SFC3 patched to version 531 You will need all 6 parts to install it. Date : 9/24/04 Mod Author: red_green

Mod contributors:

Karnak - missions The Pelican -missions Queball - ships The New Guy - science fiction story SkinMan - ships Atrahasis - ships ToastyO - wallpaper DarkMatrix - SFC porting of ships Cpt. LC Amaral - ship Dawn - ship Mackie - kitbash Admiral Ljungberg - ship P81 - ships Atheorhaven - Textures/ship file conversion Pataflafla - sFC ship port Knox1711 - Kitbash Vichama - conversion of ship to SFC3 NightStorm - SFC3 ship conversion S31-Data - game testing S31-Chuck - game testing

More detailed credits listed after Overview. Ship credits also appear in each model folder as well as in the visual library. The New Guys story appears in the intro screens to the Lyran Campaign. His story is available in word document in the same folder as the readme to this mod.

Mod Overview

A complete race substitution featuring minor SFB races and pirates. This meant not just adding ships to existing races, but entirely swapping them out. The Hydrans replace the Klingons. The Lyrans are added in with the Romulans. Pirates replace the Borg, while Feds remain in their original slot. This was done partly to give SFB races the spotlight, but also because it allowed more freedom to change weapon arcs, textures, cloak availability and other ship characteristics. As well as swapping of music, voices and sounds.

While not a huge mod. I strifed to make it one of the best SFC3 mods quality wise.

Mod Installation

1: Uninstall your current SFC3 version. Remove the Activision folder then reboot the computer.

2: Reinstall SFC3. Then install Build 531 Full Patch. This patch is available here. http://starfleetcommand3.filefront.com/file.info?ID=29206

3: Extract all 6 parts of the KingdomsII mod to your hard drive. Move these extracted files to your Activison folder and allow any files to be over written. 4: It is of the utmost importance that you do all 3 steps above before you play the game. If you play a game and then add the mod, the new missions won't show up. This is because the 1st time the game runs in makes cache files for the missions. Then it loads the files directly from these cache files.

Changes made since version 1.1

1) Increased damage of Inversion beams from 11 to 13.

2) Increase damage of myotronic beam from 10 to 12.

3) Increased R-disruptors slightly.

4) Decreased damage of anti-matter mines from 26 to 22.

5) Decreased damage of Ion-Cannon from 19 to 18.

6) Increased warp power of Pirates by 16%. Increased cost as well.

7) Advanced warp engines now cost more to reflect there lower mass and ability to equip higher thrusters when they are used.

8) Energy draw of tachyon beams lowered.

9) Refit alerts elliminated and previouly un-refittable weapons given normal mass figures. Note-Light Plasma remains only available to Romulans. Though romulans can now equip any Heavy available to the Lyran slot. Removing the light PLasma is ill advised as it is modded to act like medium plasma (damage20) to aid Romulan ships that still have traditional narrow arcs.

10) Five classes of cloak now available to ships that have a 2nd bridge hardpoint. There are now 8 ships available that can equip cloaking devices. None above Cl class.

11) New fonts added throughout the game. There from SFC2. Most of the fonts are Hydran and appear thoughout approximately 60% of the game.

12) A science fiction story by The New Guy appears in the 4 introduction screens as the Lyran campaign loads. Be sure to read it. This story is in Lyran font.

13) Seventeen new ships added and one retextured ship.

14) Visual Library and Tactical ship displays are all redone to fix over lapping arcs and general disorder. There all organized nice and neat now.

15) Fixed Dragoon not having light maps assigned.

16) Hydran Eclipse ship is renamed to Ancestor due to a problem that arose when I added the Federation Eclipse.

17) Fixed no ambient engine sound for pirate slot by added new sound.

18) All ships now are equipped with tractor III instead of tractor IV.

19) All ships now come with a weapon loaded on every available arc. This helps make the AI harder. Many ships now come with higher thrusters, warp, impulse armor and shields.

20) A couple ships now have 13 weapon arcs instead of 14. Found out the maximum displayed on screen in red or yellow is 13.

21) Edited some beauty shots for the Hydrans. Got rid of some grey splothes in them.

22) Pirates now have photon torpedos available to them.

23) Energy draw of Lyran disruptors increased slightly. Energy draw of pirate cutting beams altered as well.

24) Increased shield strength and armor for defense platforms.

25) Turn rates increased by roughly 50% for frigates, 30% for destroyers and 10% for remaining classes.

26) Pirate cutting beams incresed slightly. In most cases by 1.

27) Pirate shields 1-3 increased slightly

28) Hydran fighters now come with forward and aft shields.

29) Improved light maps for Hydrans

30) Improved damage maps for Lyrans.

31) A few more Karnak missions added since version.

32) Most bitmaps are converted to 8 bit to make play on the server smoother. Damage maps and lightmaps resized to 256 by 256 for the same reasons. This also allowed me to add missions that use more ships, such as Karnak's Fleet Action. Which is 6 vs 7 for 13 total ships in the mission! The main maps remain at 512.

33) Changed number of officers available for review fron 6, back to 8.

34) Hydran fighter and Pirate shuttle changed to lower polyigon versions.

35) All ships now come with 50% more marines.

36) Two missions by the Pelican have been added. Emergency and Survey.

Mission Credits

These 12 missions below are by el-Karnak.

"Kar_ConvoyRaid.scr" "Kar_HomelandDefence.scr" "Kar_DeepSpace.scr" "Kar_HoldtheLine.scr" "Kar_Skirmish.scr" "Kar_SquadronAction.scr" "Kar_JointOps.scr" "Kar_CombinedArms.scr" "Kar_EnemySweep.scr" "Kar_ConvoyEscort.scr" "Kar_FleetAction.scr" "Kar_CounterPunch.scr"

The 2 missions below are by Pelican.

"Meta_Emergency.scr" "Meta_Survey.scr"

Story writing Credits

Lyran/Romulan Peace treaty story by The New Guy.

Hydran Mission Intro by red_green.

Story Board Credits

Each board in the visual library has the credits listed at bottom. Credits include SFC1 and SFC2 for art and background information. One of the backgrounds used is by ToastyO.

Music/Voice Credits

Music and voices were added to replace the stock ones for the Romulan, Klingon and Borg slots. These all came from SFC1 and SFC2.

Ship Credits

Ships by Queball

Nihydron Zahl Victory Kazon raider

Ships by Atrahasis

Talarian (renamed to Banar for purposes of this mod) Tamarian

Ships ported to SFC by DarkMatrix

Delta Flyer originally from EliteForcesII Dark Vor'cha from EliteForces Dominion battlecruiser from Armada Griffin from Armada Kazon raider NiHydran Victory Zahl Raptor (renamed to Tarus for purposes of this mod)

Ship ported by Pataflafla


Ships by SkinMan

Fed Brel Eclipse Hydran Brel Steam Runner Kvort-Cha (renamed Thunderduck for purposes of this mod) Romulan BOP Defiant Shuttle

Ships by P81/Mackie/Atheorhaven


Ship by Admiral Ljungberg/P81/Knox1711


Ship by Cpt. LC Amaral

Raptor (renamed to Tarus for purposes of this mod)

Ship by Dawn


Ships by P81

Dauntless (converted to SFC3 by Vichama) Norway (converted to SFC3 by NightStorm) Intrepid Akira Centaur Defiant Excelsior Galaxy Nebula

Ships by red_green (note ships with * denote ships that I wish to remain exclusive to this mod, please do not include them in any future mods.)

Ancestor Citadel* Defender Dragoon Drandath* Hydran Base* Hunter* Inexorable Jungle Mother* Kantag Lancer Lyran Base* Mutom* Necromancer* Omen Persuasion Protector Prowess* Raven* Rumbler* Serpenticon* Sling* Smilodon* Soultaker* Starclaw* Stinger Talisman* Tracker* Zadika*

Ships edited by red_green (These are either kitbashes or retextures of stock models.)

Hydran retex of stock Bop. Cobra Exorcist Pirate Base Phantasm Piranha Quip Stalker Wolverine Zephyr

Texture Credits

Disruptors, cutting beams, tactical display, tractors, mines, the sun, tactical overlay and planet atmospheres all are Taldren textures edited by red_green.

Font Credits All new fonts used in this mod are fron SFC/OP

****Please notify my of any errors in crediting. I made an effort to get them as accurate as possible. In certain cases where no readme was available with the ship, I created a new one.

Known Issues

1: Only single player conquest mode is playable. The storyline is not playable because it uses Klingon/Romulan ships that are now unavailable.

2: Picards voice overs will not be available. The number of sound files would make the mod gigantic.

3: The story boards in the visually library are not ships. They are Asteroid bases. They cost the same as the regular ones and are equipped the same.

4: This mod was built on my 800MZ Athalon computer. This mod needs a computer equivalent to that or higher for best performance. The models I make are limited to 1 or 2 bitmaps to reduce the burden put on the graphics card. All ships and missions have been tested on this machine.

5: Certain points in specific missions, may have a bit of lag as new ships are being created. One example is in Convoy Escort. After several minutes you recieve reinforcements. On my machine I experience a 1 to 2 second lag period while the ships upload. The mission is too much fun to leave out and some of you will have better machines than me, so I included it.

6: In the Lyran/Romulan race slot. Only Romulans come equipped with plasma. Once removed it can't be refitted with plasma again. This is to prevent the Lyrans from equipping it in order to make these two races unique. The Lyrans have wider arcs to compensate for lack of plasma.


Copyright notices:

Star Trek, Star Fleet Command, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions.

This mod is intended for non-profit personal use only.

Read me author: red_green


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