SFC:II OP patch 2500 to 25410

this is the newest patch for SFC:OP get this if you just bought the game and havent installed any other patches yet (an update version will...


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this is the newest patch for SFC:OP get this if you just bought the game and havent installed any other patches yet (an update version will be availible soon)

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Download 'sfcop_patch_2500-25410.exe' (18.56MB)

Star Trek Starfleet Command(R) : Orion Pirates(TM)
Release version Readme File
14 July 2003

Important Note: Make sure that the properties of your Orion Pirates 
desktop shortcut shows the Target of your game pointing to the StarfleetOP.exe
file and that the Start In path is correct for your game install directory. 

If you are running Windows XP or Win2k with MSN Messenger or a Lynksys router and 
are having trouble being drafted (online play only):

Windows XP or Win2K plus MSN Messenger: Open your programs folder, open 
Administraive Tools, open Services. Look for the service Universal Plug and Play,
and double click on it. Then select "Disable". 

Lynksys router: Open the main menu and select the Password tab. Select the "Disable" 
radio button beside "Enable UPnP".

01 Table of Contents

01  Table of Contents
02  Patch Changes
03  Installation Instructions
04  System Requirements
05  Copy Protection
06  Manual
07  Default HotKey List
08  Taunts
09  Known Issues
10  Trouble Shooting
11  Bonus Files
12  Technical Support
13  Technical Support (UK)
14  Technical Support (Germany)
15  Legal Stuff

02 Patch fixes in (Thats Two.Five.Four.Ten)

1) A drone being pursued by a plasma D won't be stopped by tractor - fixed. 
2) Game forgets difficulty - fixed. 
3) AI Tbombs at range 6-7 - fixed. 
4) D2: unused Suicide Shuttle does not return mine - fixed. 
5) Phaser-Bs don't do triple damage to hull - fixed. 
6) Phaser G2 not firing all shots - fixed. 
7) AI tries to board fighters - fixed 
8) LWX arc broken - fixed. 
9) AI Pirates never use engine doubling - fixed. 
10) Klingon AMD status is reversed in UI - fixed. 
11) Saved Preset ship speed not reported to other players - fixed. 
12) ESG range 0, hellbore fired at range 1- fixed via MagnumMan. 
13) Pseudo torp missing - fixed both Plasma X and E now have Pseudo Torps. 
14) AI will not consider PLaX or PLaE as valid for WW - fixed.
15) D2 bug: unable to view pirate's DV - fixed.
16) D2 bug: Pirate map interactions problem - fixed.
17) Neutral Coop Bug - fixed.
18) Cartels not getting home sector missions - fixed.
19) Fighters come to a complete stop in space - fixed.
20) Mandatory only on enemy missions can be "dragged" with the player - fixed.
21) PPD can be fired out of arc - fixed.
22) Klingon heavy disruptor panel does not work if multiple are selected - fixed.
23) PFs only take one turn to rearm/repair regardless of damage - fixed.
24) No advanced era for single player campaigns - fixed.
25) AI never recalls fighters - fixed.
26) Missiles fired by ships that cloak are not removed - fixed.
27) During a campaign, you are not able to replenish MIRV missiles - fixed.
28) A newly purchased ship with MIRV racks will not have any MIRV missiles in the it's 1st mission - fixed.
29) Monster mission does not return correct results - fixed.
30) Able to transport to and from a cloaked ship - fixed.
31) Various ships with fighters have no deck crew - fixed.
32) Many ships have ??? for their name - fixed via Firesoul.
33) AI ships will send capture marines even when they have none left - fixed.

Cloak changes:
1) Decreased flash time by about 1/4.
2) Seeking weapons now are removed if firing ship looses lock.
3) Being tractored will no longer prevent cloak from being brought on-line.
4) If a ship being tractored cloaks, the ship holding the cloaker will maintain lock.
5) Weapons damage is reduced according to the following chart:
	33.3% chance weapon does normal damage.
	33.3% chance weapon does 1/2 damage.
	33.3% chance weapon does 1/4 damage.

Change to Missile 'Type' display in tactical:
This now shows the actual type of missile in the rack as a two digit code
where the first character shows the warhead and the second the speed examples:
Type I Fast = 1F, Type IV M = 4M, MIRV Slow = MS

02 Patch fixes in by the KhoroMag patching team: James King and Dutch Blomenkamp and Taldren
1)Fast Repair Bug fixed; all repairable hardpoint slots must be at 50% health to operate. 
2)Fixed repair time of multiple slot hardpoints to match the number of weapons in them. 
3)Fighter control icons will no longer disappear unexpectedly. 
4)Direct-fire fighter weapons are now ready to fire first shot after 8 impulses, and can fire one shot per turn after that (except disruptors which are 2 shots per turn). 
5)Heavy PF weapons are now ready to fire after 8 impulses, and follow regular charging rules after that. 
6)Fighter minimum speed set to 20. 
7)Shield reinforcement is no longer applied to downed shields when taking damage.  
8)Dynaverse 2 patrol missions no longer award a win to players who disengage. 
9)Spare parts standard and maximum values in Dynaverse 2 space dock fixed. 
10)Saved game difficulty is now enforced when reading in a single-player campaign.  
11)Unfinished repairs are now completed automatically at the end of a mission. 
12)Some battles (AI) were happening where a empire would attack a cartel and vice versa - fixed.
13)Unused shuttles are now converted back to admin shuttles at the end of a mission, including recovery of resources used to create them. 
14)Damage to the damage control system no longer affects repair times, since damage control itself is an unrepairable system. 
15)Multiplayer (GameSpy/Dyna) networking tuned; effects of lag may be reduced. 
16)Hellbore charging cost reduced to 2.5/turn, holding cost is also 2.5. 
17)Volley cycle (mizia) interval changed from 1/20 turn to 1/32 turn [true impulse]. 
18)Overlapping PPD shots no longer cause too many volley cycles (mizia).
19)Plasma I defensive firing made smarter (like Plasma D in last patch). 
20)Proximity photon to-hit table change: 83%/67%/33%.
21)Phaser-G hardpoint charging status indicator fixed.
22)Phaser-G multiple-slot hardpoints can now fire all shots.
23)Phaser-G point defense fixed to count shots correctly.
24)Phaser-G now honors shift-Z "fire all" command.
25)Phaser-G can now be fired if there is just 0.25 energy in the capacitor (previously 1.00 was required but it only used 0.25).
26)Phaser capacitor no longer loses charge when a phaser slot is destroyed.
27)Phaser slots that are destroyed now recycle their ready state.
28)Phaser point defense no longer shoots as Plasma D.
29)Plasma D, Plasma I, phaser point defense, and ADD systems will no longer waste shots on dead things that just haven't disappeared yet.
30)Plasma D and Plasma I will no longer waste multiple shots at the same target.
31)Plasma D reload time increased from 1 turn to 1.33 turns.
32)User-made plasma race ships with ADD hardpoints now fire ADD rounds instead of Plasma D shots from the ADD hardpoint.
33)Plasma D and ADD hardpoints now correctly show offline state in display.
34)Shotgun plasma capacity now based on current setting of weapon, not the hardpoint type.
35)Shotgun plasma no longer wastes unnecessary shots on fighter groups.
36)Shotgun plasma no longer fires more than one plasma at a regular ship.
37)If ADD shot at a shuttle, it would only shoot once then completely disable itself vs. the shuttle.
38)ADD damage versus shuttles and fighters was incorrect; [0..5] fixed to [1..6]
39)ADD12 reload time is now 2 turns instead of 1.
40)HET attempt during EM lowers success rate by 16%.
41)EM and WW launch now void any active ESG field. 
42)ESG now delivers correct damage to kill fighters (previously some ESG energy was wasted).
43)Single fighter group no longer drops multiple ESG rings unless energy expenditure warrants it.
44)Mine detonation on ESG ring when user changed radius UI control fixed.
45)Hydran UI for ESG panel (multiplayer only) fixed (buttons were messed up).
46)ESG radius indicator is no longer drawn if the ESG cannot fire (destroyed hardpoint).
47)ESG capacitor and hardpoint now lose charge/ready state when destroyed.
48)ESG field that is 'warming up' will no longer cause drones to miss a Lyran target.
49)Cloak can no longer be engaged while being tractored.
50)Tractor lock on a cloaked ship negates the range doubling effect.
51)Switching from hold to repel now drops tractor hold.
52)Switching from hold to repel, or repel to hold now resets tractor capacitor.
53)When the tractor system is destroyed it will no longer charge holding cost because the capacitor is emptied automatically..
54)Speed 11 changed from 5 seconds/turn to 10 seconds/turn. 
55)Assault shuttles now require 4 marines to create, and subtract none on impact. 
56)Removed debug code that wrote to "EWdump.txt" on every single phaser fire.
57)Plasma holding costs reduced as follows (first number is normal, second is eneveloping) R(4/5), S(2/4), G (1/2.5).
58)Shield regeneration due to labs, lowered slightly.
59)BPV adjusted upward for Missile G ships.
60)Escort ships received a BPV increase.
61)Docking "weak" fighters will no longer transform them into stronger variety (i.e. Hornet.I magically becoming Wasp.III)
62)Launching fighters now voids WW.
63)Disengaging in Dynaverse assault missions (Planety, starbase, etc.) gives leaving player a defeat.
64)ESG vs Hellbore interaction re-added.
65)Mauler can be destroyed - fixed (note effectiveness can still be degraded by destroying batteries)
66)Unable to removed last engine drain effect from Plasma Snare hit - fixed.
67)Battlefest, and other fest's with the exception of Tourneyfest ignore Era setting - fixed.
68)(Scripting) Location Who flag always returns Federation - fixed.
69)All races may now can have either AMD or Plasma D.
70)TR beam always does 20 points - fixed. (also broke out into TRBL and TRBH).
71)Increased the number of ships per class from 64 to 128.
72)Some races are able to adjust the game speed in Dyna - fixed.
73)Patrol mission not returning proper results - fixed (thanks to NuclearWessels and FireSoul).

02 Patch fixes in by the KhoroMag patching team: James King and Dutch Blomenkamp
1)  Damage allocation fixed.
2)  Added option to allow game host to specify hidden race and/or BPV in multiplayer ship select screen.
3)  Weapon hardpoint user interface enhanced to show individual slot status.
4)  Destroyed hardpoint slots now lose their charge and cannot hold a charge.
5)  Mines now detonate if your actual speed is fast enough to trigger them.
6)  Mines now arm instantly if the ship that dropped them is destroyed.
7)  AMD now correctly does 1d6 damage against weapon-type shuttles (SS, SP, WW, GAS).
8)  AMD12 repair cost lowered to 4 (SFB value).
9)  EM in a multiplayer game now properly updates attack shift on all computers.
10) EM voice no longer plays if user cancels EM countdown. 
11) ECM now affects seeking weapons properly. 
12) Fighters can no longer dock with their mothership if they are being held in a tractor lock.
13) Fighters no longer receive disruptor feedback at Range 0.
14) Fighter fusion corrected - can no longer fire at Range 3 (2.99 max).
15) Fighter photon corrected - can no longer fire at Range 5 (4.99 max).
16) Fighters now carry the correct number of missiles based on the ftrlist.txt file.
17) Suicide shuttle launch now properly voids a wild weasel.
18) Double-clicking to make multiple shuttles of the same type simultaneously is prohibited.
19) Shuttle conversions no longer remain on-screen when the 'd' key is used to slide panel away. 
20) WW launch now properly updates the attack shift on all computers. 
21) WW corrected to generate 6 ECM (was 12). 
22) WW speed has been reduced to 6 (was 12).
23) Defensive shift now shows proper value when a WW is valid. 
24) Defensive tractor hotkey now works properly when tractor system is damaged. 
25) Ship explosions corrected: Damage < 10 is Range 0, otherwise explosion is Range 1.
26) Film filename longer than 70 characters no longer causes a crash in the film room.
27) Ships with 32 or 64 marines no longer mysteriously lose a marine 7 seconds into the simulation.
28) Each PPD pulse is now a separate volley. 
29) PPD stops firing if target moves out of firing range.
30) Damage for each PPD pulse is now calculated when the pulse hits, not when the user fired it.
31) PPD damage versus fighter groups has been fixed.
32) Missile racks no longer lose a missile at startup. 
33) Space dock now works correctly with missile racks having more than one standard reload (like DroG-2). 
34) Missiles cannot slip past an active Radius 0 ESG at high speeds any more. 
35) ESG now triggers active mines to explode.  ESG absorbs what it can, remainder hits ship.
36) ESG no longer does more damage than its maximum when firing up and targets are in the radius.
37) ESG no longer hits ships on your team that were captured from other teams.
38) ESG power request corrected for multiple ESG hardpoints.
39) ESG ring radius corrected to be consistent with other direct-fire weapons. 
40) ESG ring is now drawn at the exact outer edge of the damage radius. 
41) ESG ring is now drawn at the correct size on all computers in multiplayer and film playbacks.
42) ESG field now drops if the hardpoint is destroyed. 
43) ESG now hits enemy Wild Weasels and Probes in the ring.
44) Shield reinforcement effect on enveloping plasma and hellbore feedback corrected.
45) Phaser damage against incoming plasma has been corrected.
46) Plasma D auto-firing mechanism will no longer fire more than one Plasma D at a time at an incoming        target. 
47) Plasma D launcher firing rate increased.
48) Normal hellbores no longer do any feedback damage (no myopic zone in SFB).
49) Overloaded hellbore feedback damage now only occurs if the weapon hits its target.
50) Films from previous versions cannot be played with 
51) Various HET Breakdown fixes: 
    -Probes can no longer fire during a breakdown.
    -T-bombs can no longer be placed during a breakdown.
    -Hit and runs no longer function during a breakdown.
    -Defensive tractors no longer function during a breakdown.
    -Point defense is now disabled during a breakdown. 
    -AMD and Plasma D are now disabled during a breakdown.
    -Shuttles and fighters cannot be launched during breakdown.
    -Fighters cannot be retrieved during breakdown.
    -ESG field drops when a breakdown occurs.
    -Erratic Maneuvers cannot be used during a breakdown.
    -Emergency stop cannot be used during a breakdown.
    -Maximum speed restored properly if ship does not completely stop.
51) Phaser damage to Plasma is now 4 points of damage reduces plasma strength by one.
52) Fast missile speed reduce to 32.
53) Pseudo plasma recharge time has been reduced.
54) Photon Proximity hit chances changes as follows: 9-12(83%), 13-30(66.7%) and 31-55(33.3% NO Change)
55) ESG vs Hellbore interaction added.
56) F12 screenshot limit imposed - 1 shot limit every 5 seconds - to help prevent cheating.
57) Hitting Shift-ScrollLock during red alert will save many of your ship's settings which are applied on     any future red alert.  (Data stored in Assets/WeaponGroups/WQSB.ini) 
58) Fast Repair Bug fixed; each weapon slot must be at 50% health to operate. 
59) Multiplayer (GameSpy/Dyna) networking code optimized; effects of lag should be reduced. 
60) Plasma I defensive firing made smarter.
61) Phaser-G hardpoint charging status indicator fixed.
62) Phaser-G multiple-slot hardpoints can now fire all shots.
63) Phaser-G point defense fixed to count shots correctly.
64) If ADD shot at a shuttle, it would only shoot once then completely disable PD vs.the shuttle.
65) EM and WW launch now void any active ESG field.
66) ESG now delivers correct damage to kill fighters (previously some ESG energy was wasted).
67) Single fighter group no longer drops multiple ESG rings unless energy expenditure warrants it.
68) Mine detonation on ESG ring when user changed radius UI control fixed.
69) Tractor hold, grab, then switch to repel now drops tractor hold.
70) Tractor charging and switching hold/repel, repel/hold now resets tractor capacitor.
71) F12 Screenshot file write made asynchronous (meaning faster).
72) Phaser slots that are destroyed now recycle their ready state.
73) Mirv warheads would not loose track of cloaked vessels - fixed.
74) Adjusted MIRV loadouts.
75) PhG does not honor shift-Z "fire all" command - fixed.
76) Normal Hellbore holding cost reduced to 2.5 points from 3.
77) Ships that are tractored can no longer initiate cloak.
78) Damaged fighters now take time to repair/replace.
79) Shield repair rate has been reduce to approximately 3/4 of previous value.
80) OrionOrion not being recorded in database - fixed.
81) Pseudo Fighters no longer regenerate PPTs.

02 Patch fixes in

1) Bug when fleeing on mission, decreases hex defense value -fixed
2) Ghosting of characters ("you are already logged on") should be fixed.
3) Killing of AI characters wasn't removing ships - fixed
4) Fixed mission not completing.
5) Fixed Singleplayer campaign crash after viewing map 
6) Disabled the ESC during Dynaverse tactical, now only available if you fly off the map.
7) Single campaign crashes when exiting - fixed.
8) Player now cannot move while being drafted in dynaverse.
9) Multiplayer timing improved.
10) Metaverse game speed not always set (if they go into skirmish, then meta) - fixed.
11) We now handle directplay error DPERR_INVALIDPLAYER properly which had led to crashes in some scripts.
12) We now handle DPERR_CONNECTIONLOST properly, that had kept humans from matching up.
13) Mission AI ships are now deleted after mission (slowdown bug)
14) Changes to the ISC and Pirate political matrix.
15) Security cheat where players could log on to a dynaverse server without checks and then log on to a secure server - fixed.
16) Human to human matches under dynaverse were not always reporting the battles properly - fixed.
17) 0 Battery causing crash when opening fleet control panel - fixed.
18) Plasma D able to fire at cloaked ships - fixed.
19) Scatterpacks now void Wild Weasels.
20) Maximum range disruptors range was incorrect.  Reduced damage from 2 to 1 - fixed.
21) Scripts not able to set store items correctly on startup - fixed.
22) Batteries not recharging correctly - fixed.
23) Erratic Manuevers generating excessive ECM - fixed.
24) Defensive Plasma not firing at all targets if chosen target is fighter group - fixed.
25) A single admin shuttle can drop 6 ESGs - fixed.
26) Bug fixed where program would crash if you looked at the vessel library before joining a Dynaverse server, after creating a fresh character.
27) Map not centered on player at start of play - fixed.
28) Phaser 3 and G firing Point Defense at range 3 (too far) - fixed.
29) Range 0 ESG missing drones - fixed.
30) ESG cycle time has changed to 1.5 turns after firing.
31) AMD to hit % too effective - fixed (KM).
32) AMD alwasys destroying WW, Scatterpack and Suicide Shuttles in one hit - fixed (KM).
33) AMD not affected by EM - fixed (KM).
34) Gorn race ships too weak - increased hull strength.
35) CD key in use message error - fixed.
36) High drone control ships (advanced era) causing crash - fixed.
37) Scan progress indicator not working - fixed.
38) Running when ambush causing a change of hex ownership - fixed.
39) WW, Scatterpack and Suicide Shuttles not taking enough damage - fixed (KM).
40) User name field for logging onto Dynaverse larger for email addresses.
41) Plasma holding costs reduced slightly R(4), S(2.33), G(1.5).
42) AMD and Plasma D not firing at SS and Scatterpacks - fixed
43) Ph2 range table corrections (KM).
44) WW speed has been reduced to 6 (was 12).
45) Each PPD pulse is now a separate volley (KM). 
46) PPD stops firing if target moves out of firing range (KM).
47) Damage for each PPD pulse is now calculated when the pulse hits, not when the user fired it (KM). 
48) Normal photon feedback damage has been reduced to 2 (was 4, same as overload).
49) Disruptor feedback Range 0 - Normal changed from 0 to 1, overloaded from 4 to 2. 
50) Lowered repair time of Phaser 3s, Phaser G, ADD12 and Tractors.
51) Increased repair time of  Phaser G2 and Phaser 4.
52) Crash upon exiting game - fixed.

(KM) Indicates bug fixed by KhoroMag patching team.

03 Installation Instructions

Start Windows 95/98/2000/Me and insert the Star Trek Starfleet Command(R): Orion Pirates(TM) CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive.

If you have Autorun enabled, follow the on-screen instructions when the setup program begins.

If you do not have Autorun enabled, or if Autorun fails to start, double-click on your "My Computer" desktop icon.  Locate and double-click the CD-ROM drive.  Double-click the SETUP.EXE file.

After the game has installed, you can then run it by clicking on the Windows Start button by going to the Programs menu and selecting Taldren-> Starfleet Command Orion Pirates.

Starfleet Command Orion Pirates requires DirectX 7.0 or later.  DirectX8.0a has been included on the CD.  After installation of the game program files, Setup.exe will automatically determine if a later version is already installed.  If not, then the DirectX install window appears.

Run SFCOPSetupMFC.exe from the installed program directory to change game resolution (800x600, 1024x768, and 1280x1024), or select the Setup Utility by clicking on the Windows Start Button --> Programs --> Taldren menu.  Your desktop resolution setting must be at least as large as the resolution setting you are trying to play the game.  For example, if your Windows desktop is set to 800x600, don't try to play the game in 1024x768.

To uninstall the game, click on the Windows Start Button --> Settings --> Control Panel.  Next, select Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel folder.  Select Starfleet Command Orion Pirates from the program list, then press the Add/Remove Button to begin the uninstall process.

For the latest updates and information, point your web browser to: http://www.interplay.com/sfc-op/

04 System Requirements

Pentium III 500 (without 3D acceleration)
Pentium II 350 or better (with 3D acceleration)
Windows(R) 95/98/2000/Me with DirectX 7.0 or later (v8.0a included)
64MB Ram
735MB of free hard disk space
	Minimum Install approx. 735MB
	Typical Install approx. 770MB
4x or faster CD-ROM drive
100% Microsoft(TM) compatible mouse & keyboard
Compatible with D3D supported video cards
Modem (56K preferable)

05 Copy Protection Notice

The multiplayer feature of this game has been copy protected.  To play in the multiplayer mode, please enter your individual CD Code Key, which is located on the front of the jewel case.

06 Manual 

Read the Star Trek Starfleet Command(R) :Orion Pirates(TM) Manual for more information.

07 Default Hotkey List

ESC		Exit
F1		Overhead Camera
F2		Chase Camera
F3		Follow Camera (Default)
F4		Target Camera
F5		Toggle Camera Target Lock 
F6		Jump to Ship #1
F7		Jump to Ship #2
F8		Jump to Ship #3
F9		Hud Minimal Information
F10		Hud Normal Information
F11		Hud Maximum Information
`		Target Nearest Enemy
F12		Take Screenshot
1-4		Select Weapon Group #
Ctrl + 1-4	Set Weapon Group #
5-8		Select Target from Memory
Ctrl + 5-8	Set Target to Memory
0		Communications Panel
-		Zoom In
+		Zoom Out
BACKSPACE	Quickjump to Target Player Ship
TAB		Tactical Map Panel
Q		Launch Suicide Shuttle
W		Launch Wild Weasel
E		Launch Scatterpack
ENTER		Multiplayer Chat
CTRL + ENTER	Multiplayer Chat (Team Message)
Y		Yellow Alert
R		Red Alert
A		Decelerate
S		Accelerate
Z		Fire All Selected Weapons
SHIFT + Z	Alpha Strike (Fire All)
T		Cycle through targets
SHIFT + T	Cycle through target (reverse order)
Y		Cycle through enemy targets
SHIFT + Y	Cycle through enemy target (reverse order)
I		Toggle Deep Scan
D		Slide thr interface bar on and off the screen
M		Drop a mine out the shuttle bay
SHIFT + M	Drop a nuclear mine out of the shuttle bay
B		Place a Transporter Bomb
O		Switch Schematic Displays
P		Fire Probe
[		Game Speed Slider Slower
]		Game Speed Slider Faster
\		Deselect Target
A		Slow Down
S		Speed Up
F		Maximum ECM
G		Maximum ECCM
H		Electronic Warfare Panel (ECM and ECCM)
J		Tractor Panel
K		Shield Panel
L		Defensive Panel
;		Repair Panel
'		Helm Panel
N		Transporter Panel
,		Shuttle Panel
.		Energy Panel
/		Preferences Panel
SPACE		Target Nearest Hostile Seeking Weapon
X		Toggle Cloak
C		Max Defensive Tractor
V		Max Point Defense
PAUSE		Pause & Issue Orders (single player only)
HOME		Move Camera Counter-Clockwise
END		Move Camera Clockwise
PAGE UP		Tilt Camera Up
PAGE DOWN	Tilt Camera Down

Number Pad
1		Reinforce Aft Port Shield
2		Reinforce Aft Shield
3		Reinforce Aft Starboard Shield
7		Reinvorce Forward Port Shield
8		Reinforce Forward Shield
9		Reinforce Forward Starboard Shield
0		Emergency Deceleration
.		Orbit Target
/		Erratic Maneuvers
*		Follow Target

08 Taunts

Your officers will keep you informed of important events that take place during a mission by responding with verbal feedback. There are many different officers from which you will hear reports.  For example, your First Officer will keep you updated on the status of your ship and also of the enemy, and your fighter pilots will acknowledge the orders relayed to them.  In addition, there are also "taunts" that you can broadcast to your currently selected target.

The level of crew voices you will hear in the game is controlled via the Options Screen.  In the left-hand pane of the Options Screen you will see a section marked "Crew Voices", with four buttons:  Off, Minimum, Medium and Maximum.

"Off" shuts off all voices.

"Minimum" means that only the most important voice reports will play, e.g., Red Alert, Shuttle Conversion, Self Destruct, etc.

At "Medium" level all voices are enabled except for the Taunts. 

"Maximum" plays all voices, including the Taunts.

Using the Taunts

Each race has eleven unique taunts that you can broadcast to the ship you currently have targeted.  To send a taunt, hold down the SHIFT key and press F1 through F11 to select from taunts 1 through 11.  The taunts for each race are listed below.

1.   "The Federation will Prevail."
2.   "Damn, that was stupid."
3.   "Are you going to try to fight?"
4.   "Ooh, that had to hurt."
5.   "Wow, you're ugly and stupid."
6.   "Stand down; prepare to be boarded."
7.   "Surrender and I will spare your crew."
8.   "It's good to be in the Federation."
9.   "Take that!"
10.  "I warned you!"
11.  "We will not go down without a fight!"

1.  "Children fight better than that!"
2.  "Try to be more challenging."
3.  "At least try to be worthy of my skills!"
4.  "Amazing! You must have studied hard to become so incompetent."
5.  "You're obviously outmatched - why not surrender and save us time?"
6.  "Surrender or die...choose quickly!"
7.  "I love the glow of a ravaged ship against the stars."
8.  "You burn quite nicely."
9.  "You were warned. Now prepare to die!"
10. "When this battle is over, you will be forgotten."
11. laughter

1.  "For the glory of the Empire."
2.  "Oh, that was quite intelligent."
3.  "I do hope you will try to make this interesting."
4.  "It is time for you to die."
5.  "Even for an inferior race you fight poorly."
6.  "Stand down; prepare to be boarded."
7.  "The Praetor will be pleased."
8.  "I love the glow of a plasma-ravaged ship against the stars."
9.  "Take that, cretin!"
10. "My honor fails me..."
11. "He's a sorcerer, that one."

1.  "Don't run...you'll just die tired."
2.  "Ahh, fresh prey!"
3.  "Aww, look what the cat dragged in."
4.  "We have your scent. Let the hunt begin!"
5.  "Ow! Tsk tsk, that must have hurt."
6.  "Not even a challenge."
7.  "Oh at least try to fight back"
8.  "It seems we are now the hunted!"
9.  "Ah, the prey bites back."
10. "How can this be!?"
11. hissing cat noises

1.  "Good show!"
2.  "Don't struggle; it'll only make it worse."
3.  "You are quite annoying."
4.  "I will show you some manners."
5.  "The Royal Navy at your service."
6.  "Always happy to lend a hand."
7.  "Surrender, and I will spare your crew."
8.  "Quite sorry for that."
9.  "Take that!"
10. "They shall rot for that!"
11. "We will not go down without a fight!"

1.  "Withdraw or be destroyed."
2.  "Save your lies for those that will listen."
3.  "Run coward!"
4.  "That is why the Creator made sensor decoys."
5.  "Your ship is soft."
6.  "Surrender your vessel to the Confederation."
7.  "I will use your bones to pick my teeth clean."
8.  "Suck it down!"
9.  "Please do not cry."
10. "Ah, you do have some spirit."
11. scream

1.  "You are useless."
2.  "Pathetic!"
3.  "Prepare to be pacified."
4.  "You are so feeble."
5.  "You cannot stand against the ISC."
6.  "Stand down. Prepare to be boarded."
7.  "Surrender, and I will spare your crew."
8.  "Your life is forfeit."
9.  "You are ignorant. Let me enlighten you."
10. "Not bad for an outlaw."
11. "That is impossible!"

1.  "You fool!"
2.  "You fight worse than my mother!"
3.  "I will feast on your entrails!"
4.  "We have your scent. Let the hunt begin!"
5.  "Run, you miserable excuse for a Captain!"
6.  "Not even a challenge."
7.  "Pathetic!"
8.  "Ah, the prey bites back."
9.  "It seems we are now the hunted."
10. "You've won...this time." 
11. howl

F1: "This is the part where you die."
F2: "Did that hurt?"
F3: "Stand down and I will spare your cargo"
F4: "Die already!"
F5: "Your debt is due -- pay up!"
F6: "So, you wanna' do this the hard way."
F7: "Didn't they teach you anything at the academy?"
F8: "You're going to run, aren't you?"
F9: "Don't get happy yet! This fight isn't over."
F10: "You are no match for the Orion Cartel!"
F11: "I will die before I let you capture me alive!"

F1: "Your life means nothing to me."
F2: "Glory to House Korgath!"
F3: "You will give me that cargo, or die!"
F4: "Groveling will not help."
F5: "You are weak."
F6: "I will chain you next to my Targ!"
F7: "You aren't dead yet?"
F8: "You must die so that I may live!"
F9: "Your cargo or your life -- it matters little to me."
F10: "Looks like you're having a bad day."
F11: Laughter

F1: "Prime Industries will not fail."
F2: "Silly captain, it won't help you."
F3: "That's what I call a merger!"
F4: "You zigged when you should have zagged."
F5:  "I love repossessions!"
F6:  "Next in line, please."
F7: "You cannot run from me!"
F8: "You found a loophole I see!"
F9: "How may I help you?"
F10: "Your contract is terminated!"
F11: Laughter

F1: "This is gonna' be fun!"
F2: "Lemme' at 'em!"
F3: "Thank you for resisting."
F4: "Men are so stupid."
F5: "Hold still. It'll hurt less."
F6: "Target practice!"
F7: "Oh, you're running!"
F8: "You're not so smart."
F9: "Oh please do not resist."
F10: "Why not just release your cargo to us?"
F11: "You just don't give up."

Beast Raiders (note: The universal translator does not work 100% with the Beast Raider language)
F1: "Beast Hunter good to be."
F2: "Not worry, dead enemy!"
F3: "This eat!"
F4: "Job good!"
F5: "Now surrender."
F6: "Owie me!"
F7: "Sickens me, your face."
F8: "Stupid, ugly, smelly!"
F9: "Cry not."
F10: "Prayers, say you!"
F11: Laughter

F1: "The sun sets on your life."
F2: "Prepare yourself for the afterlife."
F3: "You will die in dishonor!"
F4: "Death before dishonor!"
F5: "That was not wise."
F6: "I question your intelligence."
F7: "Running is not an answer."
F8: "Your debt is due."
F9: "Your lack of skill sickens me."
F10: "The Syndicate at your service."
F11: Laughter

F1: "Welcome to WyldeFire space."
F2: "Huzzah!"
F3: "Stand and deliver!"
F4: "Prepare to be boarded!"
F5: "Your cargo, please."
F6: "To the gallows with you!"
F7: "Your cargo is now ours."
F8:  "Where ya' running to?"
F9: "Ahoy there!"
F10: "Oh, that hurt!"
F11: Laugher

F1: "You got ripped!"
F2: "Time to cull the herd!"
F3: "That was a mistake."
F4: "Fresh meat!"
F5:  "I will make this quick. Hold still!"
F6: "You wandered into our hunting grounds!"
F7: "Running won't help!"
F8: "Need a light?"
F9: "Meet the ESG Lance!"
F10: Growl
F11: Laughter

09 Known Issues

Win95a won't install without Service Pack 2 (OS2).

Plasma X's do 40 points of damage maximum at very close range.

Rearming of Fighters and Pseudo-Fighters (PF's):  When fighters and PFs land they must be repaired/rearmed before they may launch again.  Their progress may be monitored under the shuttle conversion panel.  Bring up the shuttle conversion panel then click on Fighters button to watch their progress.

Shipyard:  When in the Shipyard during a campaign, if you wish to see details on the ship you are interested in, Right-click to view the vessel library entry for this ship.

Additional Known Single/Multiplayer Issues 


If a system or player crashes out of any given game it will never go to the "mission complete" screen

TigerHeart Pirates - The BRH1 does not have an in-game weapon schematic.

Mission Specific:

Starbases:  There are no Pirate race Starbases.  Missions affected are Base Assault, Team Assault and Hockey.

Hockey: If you are a pirate, you will have an ISC starbase.

Huge Fleet:  Only one player will be the target, even if  other players choose to be on the same team.  Additionally, the fleeing ship is so far away from the others that it can simply fly out of bounds to win.  The other ships have no way to catch up.

Timed Battle:  There is no scripts.ini file to edit time limit per mission instructions.

The Wrath of Kahn:  The mission is not always available for selection in the available multiplayer mission list.  Its appearance is intermittent.  Also, if the player who is playing Khan activates the self destruct, it does not alert the Enterprise player, the timer only lasts 5 seconds - thus not allowing the Enterprise time to escape - and it will destroy the Enterprise once it (the Reliant) blows up, even if the game just starts. 

Intruder: If the host chooses a Pirate faction, none of the clients may choose a Pirate faction otherwise none of the clients will spawn in. Also, once the Host quits out of Intruder, the clients crash to the desktop.

10 Troubleshooting

1) For the latest updates, patches and information, point your web browser to:   http://www.interplay.com/sfc-op/

2) If you are experiencing troubles with lag and/or poor connectivity.  Try the following tips to increase game stability:

-  The player with the best connectivity should be the host.  The host transfers some data that the clients don't.  This is especially noticeable at the
beginning of a match.

-  By reducing player numbers, this reduces the amount of data that modems must process.  Lower spec machines using win modems will benefit from this in two ways, as Win modems require more CPU power that takes away from frame rate.

-  Reduce the game speed, this reduces the amount of information that is sent through the network.

3) To host a game on GameSpy, the host machine must have their network card disabled.

4) Game speed '11' was included only for quickly traveling from one distant location to another, and should not be used during combat or any event specific interactions.  This mode is not officially supported and may cause timing issues.

5) Windows 2000:  If audio problems are encountered (ie. intermittent, choppy sounds), please update Windows 2000 with Service Pack 1 (SP1), available from Microsoft at http://www.microsoft.com/windows2000/downloads/recommended/sp1/

6) Star Trek Starfleet Command(R): Orion Pirates(TM) will not run if the Virtual Memory feature of Windows has been disabled.

7) Install the most recent video and audio drivers.

8) Flickering graphics on TNT-based cards: try disabling V-Synch.

9) Using ALT-TAB may cause system difficulties.  

10) The tutorials are time sensitive.  If you play faster than the default speed, the tutorials may get out of sequence.  There are no problems playing the tutorials at a slower speed.  There is no voice over audio for the tutorials.

11) Your desktop resolution setting must be at least as large as the resolution setting you are trying to play the game.  For example, if your Windows desktop is set to 800x600, don't try to play the game in 1024x768.

12) Multiplayer on LANs: If you are playing simultaneous LAN network games, press UPDATE before joining a game if you have identical session names.

13) If a player is dropped, DirectPlay may take up to one minute at the end of a multiplayer session to clean up.

14) If you have a SoundBlaster Live audio card, reduce the amount of hardware acceleration if you are having problems.

11 Bonus Files

Star Fleet Battles:

A series of .pdf files in the SFB Folder give you the complete Cadet's Handbook for Star Fleet Battles, the board game that SFC is based.

See www.starfleetgames.com for more information about Star Fleet Battles.

12 Technical Support 

Interplay Entertainment Corp. Technical Support now offers troubleshooting guides with complete installation and setup instructions as well as information that will help you overcome the most common difficulties. If you have access to the World Wide Web, you can find these at:


Here you will find troubleshooting information on as well as information on regular system maintenance and performance.

 DirectX		www.interplay.com/support/directx/
 Joysticks		www.interplay.com/support/joystick/
 Modems and Networks	www.interplay.com/support/modem/
 (For game-specific information and additional troubleshooting,
  visit our main page at www.interplay.com)

If you have questions about the program, our Technical Support Department can help. Our web site contains up-to-date information on the most common difficulties with our products, and this information is the same as that used by our product support technicians. We keep the product support pages updated on a regular basis, so please check here first for no-wait solutions:


If you are unable to find the information you need on our web site, please feel free to contact Technical Support via e-mail, phone, fax, or letter. Please be sure to include the following information in your e-mail message, fax, or letter:
	Title of Game
	Computer manufacturer
	Operating system (Windows 95, DOS 6.22, etc.)
	CPU type and speed in MHz
	Amount of RAM
	Sound card type and settings (address, IRQ, DMA)
	Video card
	Mouse driver and version
	Joystick and game card (if any)
	A copy of the CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files from your hard drive
	A description of the problem you're having

If you need to talk to someone immediately, call us at (949) 553-6678 Monday through Friday between 8:00AM-5: 45PM, Pacific Standard Time with 24 hours, 7 days a week support available through the use of our automated wizard.   Please have the above information ready when you call. This will help us answer your question in the shortest possible time. When you call you will initially be connected with our automated wizard.  For information pertaining to your specific title, press "1" on the main menu and listen carefully to all prompts.  All titles are listed alphabetically.  After you have selected your title, the most common difficulties will be listed.  If the difficulty you are having is not listed or you need additional assistance, you may press "0" on your games main menu, and you will be transferred to a Technical Support Representative.  No hints or codes are available from this line.  

Interplay Entertainment Corp. Support Fax: (949) 252-2820
Interplay Entertainment Corp. Technical Support
16815 Von Karman Avenue
Irvine, CA  92606

    INTERNET E-MAIL:	support@interplay.com
     WORLD WIDE WEB:	www.interplay.com
		FTP:	ftp.interplay.com

13 Technical Support (UK)

Thank you for purchasing this product. If you are experiencing difficulties with this title, please take advantage of the following product support. Please note that all our operators only speak English and that we are unable to give gameplay hints through our Technical Support number. 

Technical Support :	0207 551 4266
Fax:			0207 551 4267
email:			customer_support@vie.co.uk (please use the game title as your subject heading)
World Wide Web :	www.vie.co.uk and www.interplay.com

Address :		Customer Services Department
			Virgin Interactive Entertainment (Europe) Ltd.
			74a Charlotte Street
			W1T 4QN

Please note that our Customer Services department is open between the hours of 10am – 6pm with limited support offered between 1-3pm.  As mentioned, all of our operators only speak English.  If you are calling from abroad, please contact the relevant office in your territory.

Virgin Interactive also provide a fully automated technical support system, which provides help on our most popular titles 24 hours a day.  This service is available through our main number above and is the only service available after our offices have closed.  This service is NOT charged at a premium rate.

In the unlikely event of an immediate software fault please return the complete package, with your receipt, to the original place of purchase. 

If you do telephone, please be sitting in front of your computer (if possible) and be sure to provide us with as much information as possible. Make sure to note the exact type of hardware that you are using in your system, including: 
·	  Speed and Manufacturer of your Processor.  (Intel, AMD etc..)
·	  Make & Model of your Sound Card. (Creative Labs etc..)
·	  Make & Model of your Video Card. (Ge Force, 3DFX etc..)
·	  Make & Model of your CD-ROM drive. (Panasonic, Creative etc..)
·	  Amount of RAM present. (64mb, 128mb etc..)
·	  Any additional Hardware and Peripherals. (Webcams, Scanners etc..)
·	  Information contained in your Config.Sys & Autoexec.Bat files.
·	  Direct X information*

*To obtain information relating to Direct Xä on your system, simply click on Start and then Run.  Next, type in DXDIAG in the open box and then click OK to bring up the Diagnostics window.  You should be primarily interested in the information concerning your Sound card and Display (video) card.  A copy of your DXDIAG information at hand is also useful.

Note: If you have any problems in obtaining any System Information please consult your System supplier.  It is extremely important that you have the information above at hand when you call.  Virgin Interactive cannot give you this information entirely on the basis of you telling us which system you have, as you will often find that different configurations are used when building the same model of PC and there are many models of PC available..


When sending us a fax, please remember to leave your fax machine switched on and ready to receive. If you are using a Telephone/Fax system please make sure that the Fax connection is enabled. Ensure to include your name, a return fax number with the area code and a voice number so we can contact you if we experience problems when trying to fax you back.


When sending us an email, please use only the title of the game in question in your subject header as words like “help” or empty spaced will often be met with a generic, autotmated response.


When contacting us by post, ensure you include the Title & Version of the game, a detailed description of the problem you are experiencing and the exact type of hardware that you are using as detailed above.


As mentioned earlier, no hints and tips will be given by our Customer Services Department we are here to try and help you resolve technical problems with your product.  Hints and tips are available for our most popular titles and details to obtain these are normally printed on the box, packaging or in the rear or customer support section of your manual.  Please check before calling us.  

14 Technical Support (Germany)

Vielen Dank, daß Sie sich für dieses Produkt entschieden haben. 

Virgin Interactive Entertainment Deutschland GmbH bietet Ihnen eine technische Hotline, 
die Sie unter der Rufnummer 040/ 89703300, Montag bis Freitag zwischen 15 und 20 Uhr anrufen können.
Hier erhalten Sie ausschließlich technische Hilfe.

Außerdem stehen Ihnen Montag bis Freitag zwischen 15 und 20 Uhr, 
unter der Rufnummer 01905/ 897033 (1,21 DM/Min)unsere freundlichen Mitarbeiter zur Verfügung. 
Hier erhalten Sie Lösungshilfen, Cheats und Wissenswertes rund um die Virgin Spielewelt.

Sollten Sie über einen Internet-Zugang verfügen, können Sie unter der 
Internet-Adresse http://www.vid.de oder http://www.setupcs.de unsere Webseite erreichen.
Hier finden Sie Ankündigungen neuer Produkte, Infos, Screenshots, Software-Updates und 
natürlich Demo-Versionen aktueller und kommender Titel.

Austausch defekter CD´s
Sollten Sie beim Kauf unseres Produktes eine defekte CD erhalten haben, wenden Sie sich bitte vertrauensvoll an Ihren Händler. Sollte Ihnen dieser wider erwarten nicht weiter helfen können, senden Sie uns bitte die defekte CD zusammen mit einer Kopie Ihres Kaufbeleges in einem einfachen und ausreichend frankierten Umschlag zu. Denken Sie bitte daran, eine kurze Notiz beizulegen, um was für ein Problem es sich bei Ihrem Datenträger handelt, und geben Sie auf jeden Fall Ihre Adresse sowie Ihre komplette System-Konfiguration an. Bitte haben Sie Verständnis dafür, wenn wir Datenträger, die durch unsachgemäße Behandlung beschädigt oder verändert wurden, nicht kostenlos umtauschen können. In diesem Fall erheben wir für die pauschalierte Abwicklung (Versand, Verpackung, Logistik) einen Betrag von DM 15,-, der als Verrechnungsscheck oder Bargeld dem Anschreiben beiliegen sollte.
Sollte die Garantie des von Ihnen erworbenen Spieles erloschen sein haben Sie bitte Verständnis dafür, daß es uns eventuell nicht mehr möglich sein wird Ihr Spiel zu tauschen oder zu ersetzen. 
Senden Sie uns bitte nicht die komplette Spielverpackung zu. Sollten Sie an einem vollständigen Umtausch interessiert sein, wenden Sie sich damit bitte an Ihren Händler, über den Sie dieses Produkt 
ursprünglich bezogen haben.

Bitte vergessen Sie nicht, die von Ihnen ausgefüllte Registrierkarte beizufügen.

Ihre CD/CD´s schicken Sie bitte an die folgende Adresse:

Virgin Interactive Entertainment (Deutschland) GmbH
Borselstr. 16 C
22765 Hamburg

15 Legal Stuff

Copyright 2001 by Interplay Entertainment Corp.  All Rights Reserved. Portions copyright 2000 Amarillo Design Bureau.  Some elements based upon the board games created by Amarillo Design Bureau.

 Star Trek Starfleet Command(R) :Orion Pirates(TM) Copyright 2001 Interplay Entertainment Corp.  All Rights Reserved.  Registered and Copyright 2000 Paramount Pictures.  All Rights Reserved.  Star Trek is a registered trademark of Paramount Pictures and Starfleet Command and related marks are trademarks of Paramount Pictures.  All Rights Reserved.  Interplay, the Interplay logo, "By Gamers, For Gamers", 14 East and the 14 East logo are trademarks of Interplay Entertainment Corp.  Taldren and the Taldren logo are trademarks of Taldren, Inc.  Exclusively licensed and distributed by Interplay Entertainment Corp.  All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.


General Product License.  This copy of  Star Trek Starfleet Command(R) :Orion Pirates(TM) (the "Software") is intended solely for your personal non-commercial home entertainment use.  You may not decompile, reverse engineer, or disassemble the Software, except as permitted by law.  Interplay Entertainment Corp. and its licensors retain all right, title and interest in the Software including all intellectual property rights embodied therein and derivatives thereof.  The Software, including, without limitation, all code, data structures, characters, images, sounds, text, screens, game play, derivative works and all other  elements of the Software may not be copied, resold, rented, leased, distributed (electronically or otherwise), used on a pay-per-play, coin-op or other for-charge basis, or for any commercial purpose.  Any permissions granted herein are provided on a temporary basis and can be withdrawn by Interplay Entertainment Corp. at any time.  All rights not expressly granted are reserved.

Modem and Network Play.  If the Software contains modem or network play, you may play the Software via modem transmission with another person or persons directly without transmission through a third party service or indirectly through a third party service only if such service is an authorized licensee of Interplay.  For the purpose of this license, a "third party service" refers to any third party service which provides a connection between two or more users of the Software, manages, organizes, or facilitates game play, translates protocols, or otherwise provides a service which commercially exploits the Software, but does not include a third party service which merely provides a telephonic connection (and nothing more) for modem or network play.  Authorized licensee services are listed on the Interplay Entertainment Corp. World Wide Web Site located at http://www.interplay.com.  This limited right to transmit the Software expressly excludes any transmission of the Software of any data streams thereof on a commercial basis, including, without limitation, transmitting the Software by way of a commercial service (excepting those specific commercial services licensed by Interplay) which translates the protocols or manages or organizes game play sessions.

Acceptance of License Terms.  By acquiring and retaining this Software, you assent to the terms and restrictions of this limited license.  If you do not accept the terms of this limited license, you must return the Software together with all packaging, manuals and other material contained therein to the store where you acquired the Software for a full refund.

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