SFC: OP TNG+ The Universe at War (Part 2)



SFCOP TNG+ The Universe At War - Spanning All Eras of Trek OPEN BETA!!

This is it - 2 FILES instead of 6, get's you the entire mod with AUDIO already installed! There's not a server yet - this is an OPEN BETA.


From a fresh OP install do this..

1. Fresh OP install from CD 2. Patch to 2552 http://sfc3.filefront.com/file.info?ID=20521

3. Install Firesoul's OP+3.3 (Models version) Get it here:


4. Part 1 of this mod http://sfc3.filefront.com/file.info?ID=27486 5. This File

You'll end up with some batch files on your desktop. Thier function will be obvious. 2552, 3.3, or Part7 Beta. The batch files will copy either 2552 files, 3.3 files, or this mod's files into your game. No need for multiple installs of OP.

This is now a Multi-Era mod - and uses portions of Firesoul's OPPLUS 3.3 for early and mid eras. You need to have that installed first.

For Technical support with installs of this mod see RFA Hoggie and RH Pride - in the Orion Pirates Lobby of Gamespy Arcade almost every evening.

This has many, many changes from the first six parts.

New Weapon Graphics New Sounds - Borg & Dominion Taunts - lots more New Ships (Andromedans, Aliens, Early ships, Playable Doomsday Machine, etc..) Federation PFs (no more Raven III's - no more Fed Fighters at all) Romulan and Klingon specs to equal the BPV of the Federation. - Balance? - We are doing it!

Known Bugs:

There at still some ??? you'll see in the game. Getting rid of them is a monumental task and am ongoing process for a mod this big. Cardassian Early Era crashes - for now.

Any bugs you come across please E-MAIL me and thanks!

Many thanks to RTJustice, Merlin, Hoggie, and Pride from Races of Honour for help with various parts of the Shiplist. Many thanks to the people from the various fleets that have been beta testing this all along. We are not finished!

We plan a Dynaverse 2 server for this mod. This mod is happening because of a recent resurrection of the mod by this fine group of gamers, and is growing daily. It is a pleasure to be associated with them.

RT Justice, has updated the Borg specs. RH-Merlinfmct87 has done specs for the Andromedans! We are changing the race breakdown to include all of the following:

Main Race Slots:

Federation Klingon Romulan Borg Dominion Breen Cardassian ISC

Cartel Slots:

Ferengi Aliens Andromedan Lyran Hydran Gorn Mirak Tholian

Some of the Lyran, Hydran, Gorn, and Mirak/Kzinti audio has been transferred to the Cartel slots where they are now.

Keep in mid this is a BETA and you'll have a blast with this I'm sure.

I'll see you on GSA -

- Chris


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