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This goes back to 2001 - The original Starfleet Command game - and is part of our ongoing series of mods for the older Starfleet Command Gam...


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This goes back to 2001 - The original Starfleet Command game - and is part of our ongoing series of mods for the older Starfleet Command Games.

Welcome to the Starfleet Command, Next Generation/Multi-Era Mod by Chris Jones. Starfleet Command by Interplay, All new graphics, ships, and sounds have various authors.

1. Run this file AGT.exe. Extract the AGT to your Starfleet Command game directory folder.

2. Run the AGT file in the game directory - it will copy files and setup folders in a new directory called 'AGT' -follow instructions - The sfc folder will be a backup of your original graphics and important files.

3. Run this file - sfcngsetup.exe.. It will extract all files to your new 'themea' folder in the AGT folder under Starfleet Command. Under 2 megs.

4. Create a directory in your 'themea' folder called 'sfcngmodels'.

5. Run the files - sfcngmodels.exe AND SFCNG71001.exe

6. Run the file sfcngsounds.exe. The audio files will go to your original sounds directory under assets in the Starfleet Command folder. Nothing will be overwritten - these are new file names. Just under 5 megs.

7. There will be a batch file in the Starfleet Command directory called 'themea'. Rename it to SFCNG and double click on it. It should then copy all needed files into the game and run it.. ENJOY.

8. To play the original game again - click on the sfc.bat file in the C:\Program Files\14 East\Starfleet Command directory.


I'm using the Orion positions for some Fed ships. The Federation, and all races, got TNG era ship I could find, and the specs are balanced. There are some movie era ships as well. There is some other cool playable stuff - like Starbases, Freighters, Fleet Repair Docks, Defense Platforms, etc. I'm a big fan of the scriptmaker program, FMSE, available at the Shipedit site.

All new weapon sounds (I left the original phaser 4 intact because I like that one), new shield hit sound, New graphics for shields, mines, photons, hellbores, fusion, explosion, plasma. Fusion cannon looks like pulse phasers, for use on the Defiant. There are 4 different Defiant models in the Federation. The graphics I have downloaded from Starfleet Universe. Some new sounds for TNG era from Star Trek: The Next Generation TV show. I have enhanced them myself. Reign1701A provided us with a lot of the sounds.

Ship names are different. The names are TNG Era.

The BPVs are calculated using ShipEdit version 2 released 5/31/2000 by Eagle Eye Software.. Weapon Names are different: Pulse Phaser instead of Fusion, Quantum instead of Plasma R Adv Photon instead of Plasma F, MPS (Metaphasic shield) instead of ESG

All races have a playable freighter, Starbase, and Fleet Repair Dock.

Federation - Lots of new ships, TNG and movie era, Enterprise E is Battleship, There's a new Fleet Repair Dock (Its BIG!) from the Valley of Death site, among others..

Klingon - Many new ships, TNG and movie era - a lot from Newships Project - nicely done by Newships Project. Romulan - some new Warbirds, TNG era ships, general cool stuff including a nice Assault Frigate.

Lyran - Special balanced modifications for the TNG era - some new models. The Cardassians reside here, and have a Starbase - The Gorn SB was re-textured with Cardassian Keldon Class textures, from Valley of Death site. There is a Cardassian Fleet Repair dock - from Valley of Death site. The Ferengi are also going to reside here in the future.

Hydran - Dominion infiltrated - The Dominion and Breen ships have taken up residence here. A few Hydran ships remain. There are 2 Dominion Starbases, one based on the Hydran SB, and the other based on the Lyran SB (re-textured). There's a bunch of Jem Hadar fighters as well.

Gorn - The Borg are here! Lots of them! - Occasional Gorn!

Orions - only in certain missions..

Notes: This mod requires version 1.03 of Starfleet Command and is Gamespy compatible!

There are missions for the mod included in the zip - a separate zip file. Put them into assets/scripts.

No Screenshots for now..

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Download 'sfc1_full_original_mod.zip' (121.53MB)

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