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This mod, makes the shields regenerate faster,

Ok people I foulded up to open this file you should use a program

like Winzip or Winra...


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This mod, makes the shields regenerate faster,

Ok people I foulded up to open this file you should use a program

like Winzip or Winrar

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Download 'sfc3_real_mod_1.0' (27KB)

Starfleet Command III Realism Mod by Shane Withers

Release #1

What this does and why I did it: It makes all four of the major races have better ships, more true to the TV series. 
All shields are stronger, regenerate a little faster, and item mass settings have been tweaked. I found it foolish that most ships would have 
many of their weapon hardpoints empty. Why would Starfleet not equip phasers on all the emitters? Why would Klingons not want more firepower 
on their ships? Why would Romulans equip Warbirds with type 2 cloaks and Level 3 armor? That's just asking someone "please squash me like an insect once I cloak" Nonsense! I fixed this, and changed the default loadouts of all the ships. Thus making the AI more challenging without having to make variants for all
the ships and reselecting them after every skirmish.. One word. Tedious.
You can get a weapon in every hardpoint, provided you don't choose the best weapon and put it everywhere, of course. Making battles more fun, and 
more tactical. Subtle changes in weapon damages and warp core power output, alot of little things here and there to make it all more realistic.

Requirements: Unmodded Beta Patch 1.01 (this will most likely NOT be compatible with any other mod)

Installation: Simply extract the zip into your Sfc3 directory with use folder names and overwrite existing files on. It should put all the files where they belong. If you don't have Winzip (and you don't feel like going to www.winzip.com to download it) and are just using the generic zip viewer with windows, I don't know if it'll do the pathing for you. In any case, here is where each file goes.

It's very simple, there is only seven files you need to mess with. 
I just make a folder called Backup and copy-paste them there. Works fine.

All files that have the extension .gf (should be five of them) go in to Sfc3\Assets\CommonSettings
All files that have the extention .txt (should be two of them) go in tp Sfc3\Assets\Specs

To "uninstall" this mod, simply copy the originals over them. And everything be fine.

Although I can see no possible way, I will not be responsible for any damages, directly or indirectly, as a result of you using this mod.

If you have any questions, reccomendations, or bug reports please E-Mail me at: [email protected]

Note: If you downloaded this file from anywhere other than www.SFC3Files.com please E-mail me and let me know. The reason for this is that I will
continue working on this mod and I don't want to track down all the places this is avaialble to submit the update. If you want to host this on your site simply E-mail me. Also do not include this on any form of compilation to be distributed without E-Mailing me first. And last but not least, please do not modify this file or any files contained within the zip in any way. Please don't use or distribute my e-mail address for spamming and other unsolicited E-mail. This address is for gaming related E-mails. Nothing else.


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