SFC3: Rebalance Expansion 2007

This is the latest version of the popular rebalance expansion by yochenhsieh.

Major new features compared to previous release: - New cus...


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This is the latest version of the popular rebalance expansion by yochenhsieh.

Major new features compared to previous release: - New custom campaign for all races which includes El-karnak and Pelican's missions! - 12 new ships added, including 5 canon ships and 7 non-canon ships, all came with completed damage textures! And lots more awaits you to discover!

Features compared to stock SFC3 game: - New models for 16 canon ships! - Various non-canon ships and stations retextured! - Damage textures for ALL ships and stations are remade! - ALL planets are retextured! - Enhanced special effects textures, e.g. shields, atmosphere, explosion, etc. - Weapon arcs on various ships improved! - Added new hardpoints on multiple canon ships!

How to install it? You need to... 1. Install SFC3 from the CD. 2. Install SFC3 v1.01 beta2 build 534B Patch. 3. Install SFC3 RExpansion 2007.

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Download 'sfc3rex_2007.exe' (95.33MB)

SFC3: RExpansion 2007.0

(formerly known as Rebalance Expansion)

Author: You-Cheng Hsieh (yochenhsieh)

Star Trek: Starfleet Command III
SFC3 v1.01 beta2 build 534B Patch
300 MB hard drive space

Please do not install DirectX9 fix, Nemesis addon, and/or other mods before installing this mod. If you have installed 2.0 or later versions of Rebalance Expansion, just install new version directly. You don't need to uninstall sfc3.

This mod might make your saved games and customloadout unplayable.
In order to save disk space, texture files which are no longer used by sfc3 & the mod will be automatically deleted during installation.

How to install:
Install to where your SFC3 is installed. The setup wizard will detect the path from your registry, or you may choose to install it to a different folder.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or opinions, please visit the Dynaverse.net forum, or contact me at:
yochen.hsieh AT gmail DOT com

Any modification, redistribution, reselling of this mod or "plugging" it into another mod WITHOUT my permission is NOT allowed.
Please contact me for further details via forums or e-mail.

Features & Changes:
Installer automatically sets sfc3.exe to run in WIN2000 compatibility mode and disable visual themes to prevent Unhandled Exception Errors.
New custom campaign including El-karnak and Pelican's missions for all races.
Antimatter mines don't have alert rings after triggered. (Normal mines still have red rings.)
Zero-arc hardpoint added for some special ships, this HP can only be used for antimatter minelayer.
Rescaled break models for ships which were resized in previous versions.
New textures for all kinds of explosion effects.
Add Nova, Borg Probe for alternative Federation and Borg frigates.
Add Steamrunner, Kron, Nierrh for alternative destroyers.
Add Ambassador, Lakota, K'vek, Griffin for alternative heavy cruisers.
Add Eximius for alternative Federation battlecruiser.
Add Bloodwing for alternative Klingon light cruiser.
Add the Assimilator for alternative Borg dreadnought.

Two self-extractors for switching between stock and mod.(shortcuts created on desktop.)
Increase marines for borg ships and all stations.
Rescale shuttles smaller.
Fixed the "shield smaller than hull" bug. Now all ships' hull are enclosed in shields.
Borg Campaign requires you collect 500 prestige so that the story mission will begin. (You may play some missions and refit your ship before the first story mission "A day in the life".) 
Make the default loadout of Scimitar, Bird of Death, and Soulwolf weaker in case you "unfortunately" meet them in SP campaign.
Starbases use Regenerative Armor, shields removed.
Upgrades the armor of listening posts, weapon platforms, asteroid bases, repair docks of Federation, Klingon, and Romulan; shields removed.

New texture for the ion storms in nebulae.
New tractor beam texture.
Better atmosphere effect.
New shield effect texture.
Growing groups tweaked.
Adjusted specularity values of Klingon, Romulan, and Ferengi ships.
Purple plasma leak changed to orange(fire/smoke).

Whole new damage textures made by me for all stock/mod ships and starbases.
Reduce the size of some illumination & damage textures on ships & shuttles.
Added missing Polaron-core texture maps.
Remove the shield rings.
All canon ships resized to the scale of Ex-Astris-Scientia.org.
All computers can detect cloak ships.
Borg ships can refit antimatter minelayer.
Defiant and Eximius Class can refit R-Cloak.

New models for Saber, Norway, Defiant, Intrepid, Akira, Excelsior, Nebula, Galaxy, Sovereign, B'rel, K'vort, K'tinga, Vor'cha, Negh'var, Warbird, Diamond, Marauder.
Retextures for Federation Starbase, Fek'lhr, Klingon starbase, Talon/Falcon, Shrike, Hawk, Raptor, Romulan Freighter, Romulan starbase, Pyramid, Sphere, Cube, Cylinder, Borg Shuttle, Borg starbase, UnityOne.
Add Bird of Death and Soulwolf Class for Klingon and Federation battleships.
Add the Valdore for alternative Romulan dreadnoughts.
New shuttle for the Pirates and Rakellian.
New space monster -- the Crystal entity.
Fixed bug of SpaceX05.bmp, which caused space28.mod & space31.mod incorrectly textured.
Increase the power & weapon mass space of Federation, Klingon, and Romulan ships.
Increase the strength of Federation, Klingon, and Romulan shields.
Decrease the hull, weapon, and power mass space of Borg ships.
Increase the cost of Borg items, the mass of Borg armor, and the energy drain of Borg weapons.
Decrease the energy output of Borg warpcore.
Add one more aft primary hardpoint for Intrepid, Excelsior, and Nebula.
Add two aft heavy hardpoints for Defiant.
Reconfigured the firing arc of Intrepid, Excelsior, Akira, Nebula, Galaxy, Sovereign, Vor'cha, and Scimitar.
Borg W359 Cube uses base cutting beams.
Klingon & Romulan ships can refit disruptors from each other race.
Borg & Romulan ships can refit myotronic beams and shield inversion beams.

Compatiable/Tested Mission Scripts: 
SFC3 Single Player Campaign/Skirmish
EEK TNG Missions 0.91 by el-Karnak (included with mod)
Custom Mission Scripts 1.1 by Pelican (included with mod)
SFC3 Mission Pack v0.9 by Nuclear Wessels (Please contact me if you have it!!!)
Spawn 2.0 by Centauri Vaughn
FleetPick 1.0 by Centauri Vaughn

Compatiable/Tested Utility:
SFC3 Macro utility v1.1 by Sam Kanai

Recommended Sound/Music Addon:
Music Replacement for SFC3 v1.0 by Chris Jones
SFC3 Sound Package by Fedman
(Due to possible legal issues in my country, I cannot include sound/music in my mod.)

Saber by Cleeve,
Defiant by Pneumonic81, SFC3 conversion by Knox1711,
Norway by Pneumonic81, SFC3 conversion by Cleeve,
Intrepid by Pneumonic81, SFC3 conversion by Knox1711,
Steamrunner by Pneumonic81, SFC3 conversion by Cleeve,
Ambassador by Pneumonic81, kitbashed by knox1711,
Akira by Pneumonic81, SFC3 conversion by Knox1711,
Excelsior by Moonraker,  SFC3 conversion by Knox1711,
Lakota by Moonraker,  SFC3 conversion by Knox1711,
Nebula by Pneumonic81, SFC3 conversion by Knox1711,
Galaxy by Pneumonic81, SFC3 conversion by Knox1711,
Sovereign by Pneumonic81, SFC3 conversion by Knox1711,
FedStarbase textures by Pprboy2000.
Soulwolf by Cleeve, designed by Atolm.
Eximius by Cleeve.
Nova by Redragon, modified by Cleeve.

B'rel by Pneumonic81,
K'vort by Pneumonic81,
K'tinga by Moonraker, modified by Cleeve,
Vor'cha by Cleeve, 
Negh'var by 9 of Nine, 
Bird of Death by Cleeve, designed by Tachy,
Kron by Cleeve, designed by Rick Snider,
K'vek by Cleeve.
BloodWing by Cleeve.

Borg Textures by TheForce,
Diamond by Mr_Tricorder.
Warbird by Ritual Entertainment, Textured by TheForce, SFC3 conversion by Darkdrone,
Valdore by Howedar, textured by Redragon, SFC3 conversion by Darkdrone,
Nierrh by Cleeve, designed by Nico Waigand.
Grffin by Maddoc software, SFC conversion by Darkdrone, enhanced by Cleeve.
Marauder by Totally Games, SFC3 conversion by Darkdrone,
fmsx by Mind-blip, download from NewShips Project.
Crystal entity by unknown author, download from battleclinic.
Planet textures by Fallen_Warrior and Darkdrone from different packs, download from battleclinic.
Origianl damage texture template made by knox1711.

The following textures were made by John Stone:
expl_00-15.bmp, expl_16-31.bmp, expl_ring16f.bmp, fx3.bmp, mine-boom2.bmp, natesplosion1.bmp, natesplosion2.bmp.

Thanks to ModelsPlease for helping fix the fek'lhr texture problem.
Thanks to Rod Oneal for helping adjust the Assimilator model.

Special Thanks to Mr_Tricorder, who sent me his Borg Diamond before it is officially released to public.
Special Thanks to FallenWarrior, who gave permission for the M-class planets.
Special Thanks to el-karnak, Pelican, and Cleeve, who gave permissions for their works.

Dynaverse.net, http://www.dynaverse.net
NSIS, http://nsis.sf.net
M6's Editor, http://www.geocities.com/ccc004
CV 0.7.5, http://www.frost-works.com/stc/conversionversions/CVArchive/CV0.7.5/
Staryards, http://www.staryards.com
Sfc3files, http://www.sfc3files.com
BattleClinic, http://www.battleclinic.com
Ex-Astris-Scientia, http://www.ex-astris-scientia.org
Milkshape 3d, http://www.milkshape3d.com
GIMP, http://gimp-win.sf.net

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