SFC3:Rexpansion 2009



would like to introduce Mr. Scott K. Haskin, who has composed new music tracks for the new release of SFC3:Rexpansion! Enjoy the new music which no one has listened before!Installer Options gives you More Scalability!With the new scripted installer, you may now choose to install the different components to your hard drive. The components are categorized and can be (dis)selected independently.Canon Specs, or More Fan Designs? Play with SFC3:Rexpansion "Lite" specs to have only Canon new ships added, or switch to Full 2009 specs which includes more fan designed new ships, just in one click from your start menu!Access Custom Skirmish scenarios as, or against Dominion!Four skirmish examples are included in FleetPick for you to command Dominion fleet and conquer Alpha quadrant. Or you may use Spawn 2.0 to engage the great "Bug Hunt"!More minor features available...

  • [li]Use 9of9's Defiant class instead of P81's.(optional)[/li][li]New in-game mouse cursors.[/li][li]Engage Dominion in large or small campaign maps, with different missions.[/li][li]New free for all skirmish script with more environment types to choose.[/li]

Download it now and follow installation instructions!


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