SFC3: Rexpansion + Minidw full installer

This is the full installer of SFC3:Rexpansion and MiniDW with fixes. Please download this file if you want to install everything of my mod i...


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This is the full installer of SFC3:Rexpansion and MiniDW with fixes. Please download this file if you want to install everything of my mod in a single stand-alone installer. Don't forget that you need to patch SFC3 to 534B first. Enjoy!

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Download 'sfc3rexdw.exe' (130.03MB)

SFC3: RExpansion + MiniDW (full installer)

Author: You-Cheng Hsieh (yochenhsieh)

Star Trek: Starfleet Command III
SFC3 v1.01 beta2 build 534B Patch
400 MB hard drive space

Please do not install DirectX9 fix, Nemesis addon, and/or other mods before/after installing this mod. 

This mod might make your saved games and customloadout unplayable.
In order to save disk space, texture files which are no longer used by the mod will be automatically deleted during installation.
The original sound will be overwritten by this mod. Please backup it manually yourself.

How to install:
Install to where your SFC3 is installed. The setup wizard will detect the path from your registry, or you may choose to install it to a different folder.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or opinions, please visit the Dynaverse.net forum, or contact me at:
yochenhsieh AT gmail DOT com

Any modification, redistribution, reselling of this mod or "plugging" it into another mod WITHOUT my permission is NOT allowed.
Please contact me for further details via forums or e-mail.

Features & Changes:
- Engage Dominion, Cardassian, and Breen ships in a 5-race campaign map.
- Use FleetPick utility to command Dominion, Cardassian, and Breen ships in SP skirmish.
- New custom minidw campaign which includes NuclearWessel, El-karnak, and Pelican's missions.

- New models for 17 canon stock ships.
- Retextures for various stock ships, stations, and all planets.
- Added Species 8472 bioship as Monster.
- Added 19 canon ships and stations.
- Added 13 non-canon designed ships.
- All canon ships and stations are resized to the scale of Ex-Astris-Scientia.org.
- New damage textures for all ships and stations.

- Included SFC3 Sound Package for new sound effects.
- SFC3 Access server update included.

- Enable blue type IX phasers and used for Polaron beams of Dominion ships.
- Only type X phasers and above are available by Federation ships.
- Added missing Polaron-core textures.
- Use K-photon Torpedo for Polaron Torpedo of Dominion ships.
- Klingon and Federation ships use same type of Photon torpedo.

- New atmosphere, shield, ion storm textures.
- Enable and disable visual shield rings with shortcuts on your desktop.

- Switch between stock specs and minidw mod with self-extractors.
- Added new hardpoints for many canon stock ships.
- Myotronic beam and shield inversion beam are available by both Romulan and Borg.
- Defiant and Eximius can refit cloak device.
- Miscellanous specs tweaks.

Saber by Cleeve,
Defiant by Pneumonic81, SFC3 conversion by Knox1711,
Norway by Pneumonic81, SFC3 conversion by Cleeve,
Intrepid by Pneumonic81, SFC3 conversion by Knox1711,
Steamrunner by Pneumonic81, SFC3 conversion by Cleeve,
Ambassador by Pneumonic81, kitbashed by knox1711,
Akira by Pneumonic81, SFC3 conversion by Knox1711,
Excelsior by Moonraker,  SFC3 conversion by Knox1711,
Lakota by Moonraker,  SFC3 conversion by Knox1711,
Nebula by Pneumonic81, SFC3 conversion by Knox1711,
Galaxy by Pneumonic81, SFC3 conversion by Knox1711,
Sovereign by Pneumonic81, SFC3 conversion by Knox1711,
FedStarbase textures by Pprboy2000.
Starbase375 by Moonraker.
Soulwolf by Cleeve, designed by Atolm.
Eximius by Cleeve.
Nova by Redragon, modified by Cleeve.
Achilles by Zorg.
Alita by Pneumonic81.
Miranda by Pneumonic81.
Centaur by Ritual Entertainment, converted by Darkdrone.

B'rel by Pneumonic81,
K'vort by Pneumonic81,
K'tinga by Moonraker, modified by Cleeve,
Vor'cha by Cleeve, 
Negh'var by 9 of Nine, 
Bird of Death by Cleeve, designed by Tachy,
Kron by Cleeve, designed by Rick Snider,
K'vek by Cleeve.
BloodWing by Cleeve.
Tygokor by Redragon/Howedar/ThomastheCat.

Borg Textures by TheForce,
Diamond by Mr_Tricorder.
Assimilator by Darkdrone.
Borg Probe by Darkdrone.
Warbird by Ritual Entertainment, Textured by TheForce, SFC3 conversion by Darkdrone,
Valdore by Howedar, textured by Redragon, SFC3 conversion by Darkdrone,
Nierrh by Cleeve, designed by Nico Waigand.
Grffin by Maddoc software, SFC conversion by Darkdrone, enhanced by Cleeve.
Marauder by Totally Games, SFC3 conversion by Darkdrone,
fmsx by Mind-blip, download from NewShips Project.
Species8472 by Mad Doc Software, SFC conversion by Darkdrone.

Planet textures by Fallen_Warrior and Darkdrone from different packs, download from battleclinic.
Origianl damage texture template made by knox1711.

Hideki by Zorg.
Galor by Zorg.
Keldon by Zorg.
Cardassian freighter by Zorg.
Breen MWPG by Redragon & Howedar
Breen warship by Redragon & Howedar
Dominion BB by Redragon
Dominion BCH by Redragon
Vakor by ThomastheCat & Howedar.
Terok'nor by Totally Games, converted by Darkdrone.

EEK TNG Missions 0.91 by el-Karnak
Custom Mission Scripts 1.1 by Pelican
SFC3 Mission Pack v0.9 by Nuclear Wessels
FleetPick 1.0 by Centauri Vaughn
SFC3 Sound Package by Fedman

Thanks to ModelsPlease for helping fix the fek'lhr texture problem.
Thanks to Rod Oneal for helping adjust the Assimilator model.

Special Thanks to Mr_Tricorder, who sent me his Borg Diamond before it is officially released to public.
Special Thanks to FallenWarrior, who gave permission for the M-class planets.
Special Thanks to el-karnak, Pelican, NuclearWessel, and Cleeve, who gave permissions for their works.

Dynaverse.net, http://www.dynaverse.net
NSIS, http://nsis.sf.net
Staryards, http://www.staryards.com
Sfc3files, http://www.sfc3files.com
BattleClinic, http://www.battleclinic.com
Ex-Astris-Scientia, http://www.ex-astris-scientia.org

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